8 Lesbian Girls Expelled From Secondary School


Barely a week after the the local newspaper covered a story about the rising number of lesbians in Girls High Schools all over the country, the administration has now sent home eight girls over the matter.

The school’s principal, Pacifica Nyambong’i said that a group of eight students in Form Two, who were also jointly being investigated for arson claims, had been sent home and others readmitted after undergoing counseling and promising to change. The principal admitted that some Form Two students confessed to being lesbians who had lovers in the school while other girls denied the allegations.

“I received a note listing some girls as suspected lesbians who also planned to burn down the school on December 10th, we embarked on investigations to unearth the truth,” Ms Nyambog’i revealed. Those who confessed to being lesbians were forgiven, counseled and readmitted but those who denied were sent home.

The parents of those sent home have however mounted a strong defence to the allegations claiming that their girls were beaten during the interrogations in order to admit by force.

Also, Anglican run St James Girls High School in Zimbabwe has been hit by a lesbian sex scandal which has resulted in the expulsion of pupils, one of them for offering a teacher sex in exchange for lenience after being caught in the act.

The scandal reportedly started in June when two Form Six pupils were caught by fellow pupils in the middle of the night having a nice time under the sheets, BMetro reported. A report was made to school authorities.

After a probe, the two girls (names withheld) were suspended for two weeks. According to a source, the pupils showed remorse during the disciplinary hearing and promised to give up the lesbian antics. On returning to school after serving the sentence, the two are said to have kept a distance from each other.

“Everyone was convinced that they had indeed stopped their behaviour. They even stopped talking to each other and we all thought that the relationship was over. Little did we know that we were being fooled,” said a source.


  1. The devil has in deed come T̅o kill and destroy. God pls show us UR mercy. Why won’t the pppe resign? So much evill in the air. GooOosh! Its shocking.

  2. Fucking Barbarians. The whole lot of you sandniggers. Society ganging up on helpless young girls doing completely natural exploration of their sexuality. Absolutely disgraceful. At least it doesn’t seem to be a race issue, since most blacks become actual humans and even decent people pretty fast if they migrate to the civilized world.

  3. My sugestion are, federal govt should make a law that wil guide these unlawful act b4 our nation turn to devil. Anybody that caught doing these should b sentence to death or life imprisonment.

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  5. Well not a surprise,it shoes the end is near,all should leave their sinful ways and turn to God before its too late

  6. It is in my present that the Nigeria Immigration Service (ECOWAS) Seme Border are extorting huge amount of money from those crossing to Benin Republic

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  8. My suggestion about lesbianism is my be single school for ladies should be stoped coz most learn it there and most got posses there.

  9. Nigerians and indeed Africans should realise that every body has a right to their existence, which means we cannot all think the same way. We should indeed recognise that everyone has a right to freedom, right to religion e.t.c. Indeed religion and culture does not permit homosexuality but the fact is that it is not right in a Democratic society for everyone to think that way. Democratic rule are meant to ensure everyone (no matter your sexual orientation or race) have their basic human right and freedom. You can call this a western culture but let us not forget the two most valued system we cherish religion and education were gotten from them.
    These poor girls did nothing wrong. Let’s learn (Nigerians) to respect peoples way of life and indeed their natural rights.

  10. Mr Andrew. i think u are of 1 of dem. infact i pray u are c…t 1 of dis day. if dis is hw our fathers and mother lived dere life there will be no u and me ooo my people pls stop this act oooo guys are every were and ladys are every were if are guy get urself a woman pls and if u are a lady pls luk for own man and stop all this madness….

  11. there is a way that seem right unto a man but the end is death .u have but a short time to live and God shall judge everyman and reward him according to his work.what shall it profit a
    man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul or what he give in exchange for his soul.think before you do.God is watching


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