A 3-year-old Girl Amazes Nigeria after Memorizing the Whole Qur’an

10-02-2013_feat1A three-year-old girl is amazing Nigeria after memorizing the whole Qur’an, becoming one of the youngest Muslims in the world to learn the Noble Book by heart.

“Honestly, I can’t say much but I am very grateful to Allah for this,” Sayyada Maimunatu Sheikh Dahiru, the girl’s mother, told our newspaper on February 10.“This is indeed a blessing from Allah.”

Her daughter, Rukkayatu Fatahu Umar, has completed the memorization of the Noble Qur’an at the age of three year and eight months.  The young Muslim girl began memorizing the Noble Book at an Islamic school founded by prominent Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi. “We were using a big parlor, which was divided into classes for the learning of the Qur’an,” Maimunatu, who teaches at the school, said.

“At that time, I always carried her on my back while teaching. From there, she started reciting along with the students and before long, she had memorized some verses.

“That was how she started attending memorization class. Right now, she has completed memorizing the whole Qur’an,” the proud mother said. The Noble Qur’an is consisted of 114 Surah (chapters) of varying lengths. Going to the school between 7a.m. and 6p.m. daily, the young girl found little time to play with her peers.

“It is not as if she does not play with her mates. She does, especially with those who are memorizing the Qur’an like her,” Maimunatu said. “This makes it easier for them, as their focus and attention are directed towards achieving the same goal, which is memorizing the Qur’an.”

The young Muslim girl is now preparing to go to school soon, breaking a family tradition of sending girls to study at the age of ten. “My husband has, however, said that the world is changing now, and that there is civilization all over the place,” the mother, who herself memorized the whole Qur’an at the age of 12, said.

“As such, our daughter will have the opportunity of going to a proper school whenever she reaches the age of six.” The Muslim mother has paid tribute to her father for offering her child the chance to memorize the Qur’an at this young age. “I’m also grateful that I have a father like Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, who planted my feet, like other people, on the path of Islam,” she said.


Source: Sunday Trust


    • @ezeagba, dat dozn’t make sense 2 u? Dat means u dnt av any sense……..show me any verse were jesus say ”i am God” u all er dcieved, u dnt av braina christians

    • @Prince Ezeagba: Stop fooling yourself even when you are being fooled everyday. JESUS is a creature of God like yourself so he can never be Lord/God. if you are not so fooled, you should have asked where is it written in your bible that JESUS said “i am God” worship me. Without you knowing and accepting Islam, my brother, you will be making the greatest mistake of your life and hereafter. Go and read and research about Islam before you settle for fake religions with no support from the scriptures. I pray God to touch your heart and guide you aright.

  1. @ prince Ezeagba, must u comment on dis? Why do u guys always like to start religious crises and later blame it on Muslims? Am tired of this kind of a thing. ”To u is ur religion and to me is my religion”. Thats what God says.

  2. Allah u Akbar….
    Her parents should please for Allah’s Sake not renege on their plan to send her to formal school for more enlightenment as this would afford her the opportunity to apply Qur’anic injunctions to the real world.

  3. This is a bloody lie, hw can a child of 3yrs of age hu cnt spk fluently talkless of reading can memorize d whole Quran, we aint kids!

  4. God is great!! The parent got it right with their decision to send her to school when she is of age. May God be with her. Amen.

  5. The koran is a terrorist manual and prophet mohammed can kiss my ass for inventing problem for mankind. Fuck islam and that camel fucking prophet.

  6. Hurray! Mother of next generation Boko has been born. Nigerian watch her closely this is another mother of yet unborn terrorist, take it or leave it she is. Violent religion

  7. Ezeagba, it wil nt mek sense 2 u cos Allah describes u(unblievas) as deaf, dumb & blind whos hrt is seald frm blievin. & cj, if u cald d Qur’an terrorist buk, den read ur bible very wel & discribe wat it is. Read luke 19:27 & matt 10:34

  8. @Ezeagba and Dahe Bauci, u guyz shud go back 2 school and study both ur religion and morals and desist frm pock-nosing into a matter dat does nt concern u… I wonder y it is so painful 2 u 2 hear dat a very young muslim girl has memorized d whole of d HOLY QURAN which i believe non of u guys has memorised ur own holy bible cos if u did u wouldnt have bn saying all dis scrap… Is there anything of a miracle dat is above GOD (ALLAH)? or do u think miracle only occurs in christianity? WAKE UP BOYS and go 2 school. Besides nobody said u must comment here, this is muslim’s affair… U do ur religion we do ours” thats what Almighty ALLAH told us..

  9. My dear muslims and indeed xtians,common sense wd tell us that comon logic wd point to the reality dt xtianity is indeed nt a faith.Jesus(as) never preached xtianity.He preacched islamic monoteism.The Oneness of Allaah(swt).So4any1 2tell us Jesus is the way(auzubillaaah),I sugest we only say”lakum din nakum waliyaadin’ translated as “To you be your way and to me mine”.let them insult islam,js allow them and Allaah is severe in punishment.We muslims dnt worship a creation we worship HE that created,and wee kne he does as HE wills.So Allaahu Akbar may Allaah bless that girl and her family and indeed all muslims with noor.And May Allaah also soften the hearts of these non muslims and give them the best gift of all…Islam.

  10. Indeed xtians are arrogant. They were trained from childhood to hate Muhammed(SAW) & the religion of islam so Muslims pls dnt be angry about their ignorance.
    May Allah bless this girl and the entire muslims. Ameen

  11. Lies…LLLies! If itz true let her feature in the 2013 Guinness World Record or come on air and prove critics wrong. Bunch of nonsense that has already eroded Nigerians senses away!! Hope you pple will get learned and think better things for the country rather than spreading unproductive rumours…If she likes, make she memorise a whole encyclopedia, dt one no do me any advantage! Xtian or Muslim…na u all sabi. :)

  12. Seeing, they do not see. Hearing, they do not hear (comprehend). They are deaf and blind and can never return to the right path (except if Allah-Lord of mankind and all that exist, wills). Baby Ruqoya and her family have indeed earned a rare favour from the Lord of alamin, only men and women of understanding can understand. I beseech Allah to bestow also on my own Ruqoya to learn, memorise, understand and apply the teachings of His words from such tender age

  13. @smatt simpson,u c wt u fail to understand is that a steadfast muslim dsnt do tins for the sake of mankind.we aspire to please our Allaah(swt).We dnt achieve for encyclopedia or guiness book of records.I reallly dnt blame you cuz Islam is a religion of intellectuals hence only intellectually minded individuals undrstand it,which means u wdnt understand wt it mins for a 3yr old to memorise what Allaah has spoken.All 114 chapters of it.So keep ur atheism to urself.May Allaah guide you!

  14. Allahu akbar! Allah is Great! May Allah bless her and others like her. Oye brother & sisters stop d exchanging of words with the unbelievers over a vital issue like this coz they will never agree whit u in any form. What we need to do most is to preach d religion of Islam to d world and leave d rest for Allah. May Allah guide us right

  15. Allahu Akbar! Indeed Allah is great. May Almighty Allah increase us in knowledge and Iman. And to my fellow muslim brothers and sisters, we shldnt mind the unbelievers provocative comments cos they are totally blinded with hatred for us and our deen. May He Almighty show them the right path.

  16. Masha Allah barik’Allahu feek.. Praise be to Allah the lord of Adam (A.S), Abraham (A.S), moses (A.S), jesus (A.S), and muhammad (S.W.A) may Allah (S.W.T) guide and protect muslims all over d world and send more blessings to our noble prophet muhammad (S.W.A)..

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  18. @allmuslims, u stated Allah told u wateva u do hun? As Allah told shakau to kill n blow off Nigerians hun? Bunch of Animals is wat musilms re ok. Woe unto u all.

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