“A youth must live like a youth” – Judge Thinks Private Universities should Allow Youths Live Their Age

covenantuniversityA High Court sitting in Ota, Ogun State, has opined that private universities with strict moral rules and regulations should allow their students to live their age and generation.

This position was taken by Justice Mobolaji Ojo, while presiding over a suit brought by an expelled student of Covenant University, Longji Felix, challenging his expulsion by the institution over alleged possession of pornographic materials and secular music in his laptop.

The plaintiff, a part-four student of Communication Technology, was reportedly expelled on November 23, 2012, following a night raid by the Student Affairs’ Unit of the institution, leading to his compelled appearance before the school’s disciplinary panel which recommended his expulsion. Justice Ojo fixed March 23 for judgment, after taking submission from counsel for parties in the suit.

However, while making a general comment on the suit before the adjournment, Ojo said “a youth must live like a youth and an adolescent must live like an adolescent,” adding that “if all of the traits of a youth are not allowed to be exhibited at the right time, it would be done at the wrong time.”


  1. Is this judge normal? In essence a youth can come to his court and behave like a youth? It is rather unfortunate that people you hold in high esteem tend to disgrace you in future just like what this judge is trying to say. Before the boy in question was given admission, there are strict rules and regulations governing the school, which he signed that he will abide by and his parents too accented to. Did the boy in question provide as an evidence to the court that he signed those rules governing the school? If he wants to live out his youth, must it be in a missionary private university? Did he not see Unilag, Lasu, UI etc? Covenant University is known for strictness on morality and will NEVER be intimidated by anybody. The boy violated the rules of the school and has been expelled. If the judge deems it fit for him to leave out his youth, let him establish his own school (private university) of immorality and give the boy admission there. PERIOD!!!

  2. Austino nd emeka, u deserve silence coz u guyz must be religion’s fanatics. Being brainwashed maybe u can’t be independent in ur reasoning as Cu ave trained u guyz 2 be. The question is even ‘are they trainin dere studnt 4 church leadership or d comunity? Coz am very sure if they com out of dere skul nd cathedral fence, all dey do is 2 be taking directives from a well exposed student of a university not d skul of theology. Nuc should widraw dere license so dat dey can run dere skul of theology full-time nd stop confusin people let these guys exhibit their true colors or must u teach dem pretence nd hypocracy?

  3. At whatever they are training their students ƒσя, there were rules stating dos nd donts, the students agreed T̅o abide hence they were given admission. So why nt abide till end, he’s already α̲̅ part four final student? Please since there are rules it must be followed T̅o the letter, ђã†̥ happened now means the student in question must have being going against the rules ƒσя α̲̅ vry long time until now. Were the parents stupid before bringing him in at 100levels? Didn’t they know the type of future they want ƒσя their son? Fine he ȋ̝̊̅ڪ growing T̅o be an adult, he can do anything outside the when on vacation nt in the school. Rules are meant ƒσя pple T̅o be followed nt ƒσя animals.

  4. What a preposterous grounds 4 expulsion. There’re definitely other punishments that could well have served but ‘expulsion’? Are they nuts? What’s d task of such religious based private skools if not to help such kids. Young pple will always be young, exuberant & adventurous, they definitely need proper help and guidance not alienation or rejection! I am a pastor and would definitely not have taken or supported such a ridiculous action. Wit such draconian laws in private skools we are encouraging dis young pple to be pretenders & hypocrites. I rest my case.

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