Anti-Valentine Tickets Sold Out In Dubai…So, Some Hate Valentine


If Valentine ’s Day celebration is stupid to you, and you’d rather be anywhere else other than where everyone is talking about Valentine, there are restaurants and hotels in Dubai who have considered your position.

Some venues in Dubai are organising the “anti-Valentine’s day” dinners and entertainment targeting single people, those who hate Valentine’s day or couples who just think the occasion is too romantic or overpriced, they say.

“There’s definitely a gap in the market for it,” said Sarah Norfolk, a marketing consultant at Soul Communications.

The Gramercy at DIFC is holding an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” evening on February 14 for those sick of hearts and roses.

The evening includes an Anti-Valentine’s Day Darts game and a set menu with dishes like the “Torn hearts” grilled artichoke hearts salad, “Two-faced sea bass,” “Don’t give a toss pasta,” “Stabbed in the back” fruit skewers and “Hit the road Jack” drinks.

General Manager of the Gramercy, Antoinette Breedt, said the evening is about singles or couples who dislike Valentine’s Day having the opportunity to go out and have fun.

dead cupid
dead cupid


“There are so many places where Valentine’s Day is romantic and it’s about fine dining, but how many people out there are single or couples who don’t like the cliché of Valentine’s Day? We have all been single at some stage, it’s always awkward on Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to go out to restaurants. But you can have fun, there’s no reason to stay in the house,” she said.

The Bravo restaurant at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort is holding a Friends Night Out party on Valentine’s Day with a set menu.

“There will be no Valentine’s day theme or decorations. We have a guitarist but we will have mostly upbeat and non-romantic songs,” said Francisco Pinto, Bravo’s manager.

“We want to give an option for people who want to go out for dinner that night but are not into the theme of Valentine’s, like friends or couples who don’t enjoy this kind of thing,” he said. “It’s general groups of friends to enjoy a nice evening without strings attached of Valentine’s and a romantic environment.”

Many venues reported being sold out or nearly booked on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

“We stopped taking table reservations; we are full table-wise and have to allow for walk-ins. The reservations are mostly groups of girls, some couples, and customers from the DIFC,” said Breedt.

The Bravo has 90 per cent bookings of groups ranging from five to ten people, Pinto said.

The Spectrum on One restaurant at the Fairmont hotel is holding an Anti-Valentine’s Day group dinner for a minimum of four people.

Dessert will end with a surprise hidden in cookies with anti-Valentine’s day messages for fun, said Cameron Petrelli, the restaurant’s assistant manager.

“Messages like ‘you’re a loser’ or go back to the kennel’ to poke some fun at Valentines day are doing the opposite of the candy hearts that say ‘I love you’,” he said.

The Heroes restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi is holding a Traffic Lights party on Valentine’s day that includes singles.

“You come dressed in a colour: red means you’re not available, green that you are available and yellow if it’s complicated,” said Sam Bouhnassa, Heroes’ manager. [GN]


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