APC Merger: It is like the biblical tower of Babel… it will crumble – Kayode Ajulo

BuhariTinubuA member of the Labour Party (LP) Mr. Kayode Ajulo, has said the current merger of political parties aimed at challenging the powers of the Peoples Democratic Party will not achieve the desired result. Ajulo stated this in Akure on Monday in an interview with journalists after he received an award from an amalgam of Ondo State youth associations.

For Ajulo, what would rather save the country is the coming together of progressives under a single umbrella of an ideological political party, which will have as its core objective the welfare of the people, remained the best strategy to tame the PDP.

According to him, the alternative to PDP at the moment is the Labour Party, which is currently in power in Ondo State, because the party has an ideology, unlike the newly formed party which he thinks is full of characters with conflicting ideology. He said, “When you look at its constitution, you will discover that it took care of the age-long welfarism, which has as its focus that those that work must be able to eat.

“Anybody that believes in the welfare of the people will be able to tackle the problem of the masses. Merger should not be to prosecute selfish interests – to move presidency to the north or to fight a giant… It is when people of like minds come together and fashion out the way forward that the masses would recognize us and demand specific roles for the brains behind the progressive moves.”

He said, “That means there is the need to have a strong and viable opposition. I am afraid the merger talks currently going will fail. It won’t work. It is like the biblical tower of Babel when people come together to say they want to build a tower to meet God, everything crumbled… If you look at the antecedents of the dramatis personae, those who are promoting this merger, you will see that we are going nowhere. When Ikimi, Tinubu, and Buhari, are sitting together to dethrone the PDP… These are cacophony of interests that will never work. It can only work when they set aside their selfish interest and work for the progress of the country.”