Army Denies Killing Nasarawa State University Students

Nasarawa StateUniversity

The Nigerian Army has denied reports that its troops killed four students of the Nasarawa State University who were protesting lack of basic amenities in the institution, adding that its soldiers did not shoot any of the students during the protest.

Speaking after the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Azubuike Ihejirika, received the Indian Vice Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Krishna Singh, in his office, director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier-General Ibrahim Attahiru said the Army killed no student.

“On February 25, 2013, students of Nasarawa State University came out en mass and barricaded the Keffi-Akwanga expressway, which is part of the 177 Guards Battalion patrol routes. This road was blocked with logs of wood and burning tyres which hampered vehicular movement, leaving travellers stranded for hours and numerous vehicles damaged by the violent crowd.

“It was also reported that the irate crowd were looting travellers’ belongings and throwing stones, bottles and metal objects at the security operatives. However, it is believed that the protest was hijacked by some hoodlums and cult members who are students of the university.

“As a result, the violent crowd burnt down two vehicles at the Police station located across the campus and seized a tanker loaded with fuel with the intention of burning down the Police station.

“The combined efforts of 177 Guards Battalion with others security operatives prevented the hoodlums from this act. The violent action of the crowd led to three soldiers of 177 Guards Battalion sustaining various degrees of injuries from the stones, bottles and metals thrown at them.

“It is important to note that the combined efforts of the troops in conjunction with other security agencies assisted in dispersing the crowd and removing the blockades from the road to ease movement of vehicles. Presently, law and order have been restored in the area and troops are closely monitoring the situation.”

army during riot

“You are aware of the problem of communal clashes in Nasarawa State. Troops are on patrol to checkmate the killings and violence, so the Vice Chancellor did not need to invite soldiers on patrol who ran into the blockade on a major highway and were engaging in violence,” Attahiru said when asked why soldiers, and not police were called to quell a students’ riot.

“In any case, let me repeat, our troops did not shoot any student during the protest. We are very well trained professionals. Since we did not use live ammunitions, I do not know how we would have shot anybody. Our troops were not in any way involved in the shooting.”


  1. Dir of Army PR, are you sure your men did not kill or shot at the student? Remember that God will judge you for those innocent souls killed. You and children will not escape the anger and wrath of Almighty God. Beware!

  2. Look Army We Are Not Fools! If Not D Army Dat Shoot Dem Who Den Kill Dos Student, Brigadier General, Ah? U Want 2 Cover Dem 4 Doing Want U Want, Ba? Dey Table We Turn Round 2u 1day.

  3. am sure d Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General
    Azubuike Ihejirika,is not sayin d truth, has he done any investigation?
    well, i knw d army can do dis cos i can remba durin my service yr at aba in aba north local govt whre corpers were owed five months allowances n we protested only for soldiers to be invited, dey came started shooting(dou in d air) but we were not carryin anytin to fight back,it was just a peaceful protest! corp memba were beaten by soldiers even while in dre uniforms. den i conclude dat our security men are all d same!
    let God be d judge here!

  4. May d almighty God in heaven rebuke the mouth dt say evil. I am there standin when a soldier man shoot my frd ‘Bubba’ 2 death,jesus diz pple ar devil how i wish they wil asseblem all d soldierz to be in my present i wil show them 1 by 1,bt d pple dt kil our student and the once dt shoot our studnt in their legs and arm,nonsense pple cal soldier may d gud lord punish d mouth dt say lie in my present u guys kil our’four(4) student’ once more we reali hav a vry stupid V.c as wel,why wil he gv us water n we wil reject it why,then y ar d student protectin. This lyf is ful of wicketnes,imagine dat day we ar ask 2 live d skul premis becos d soldier came room by roomz breakin up doors and beatin students,they even beat an old man,our Aluta papa and also our S.u.g president. So disapointed,may d soul of our studnt rest in perfect peace amen. They should do and Open d skul self,what has hapen as hapen nonsense soldier,nonsense V.c.


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