Cardinal: Married Catholic Priests A possibility

Britain Catholics

LONDON (AP) — Roman Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and have children, Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric said Friday.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who heads the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, said the requirement for priestly celibacy is “not of divine origin” and could be reconsidered.

He told BBC Scotland that “the celibacy of the clergy, whether priests should marry – Jesus didn’t say that.”

He said that “many priests have found it very difficult to cope with celibacy,” and while he had never considered marriage himself, “I would be very happy if others had the opportunity of considering whether or not they could or should get married.”

O’Brien, 74, will form part of the conclave of cardinals that chooses the next pontiff, following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Benedict announced earlier this month that he will step down Feb. 28 – the first pope to resign in almost 600 years.

The cardinal said that the next pope would be free to consider changing church policy on issues, such as celibacy for priests, that were not “basic dogmatic beliefs.”

He said that “we know at the present time in some branches of the church – in some branches of the Catholic church – priests can get married, so that is obviously not of divine origin and it could get discussed again.”

In recent years a number of traditionalist Anglicans opposed to the ordination of women and other changes have joined the Roman Catholic Church. The pope granted special dispensation for married Anglican clergy to stay married and be ordained in the Catholic Church.

O’Brien also said it was time to think seriously about having a pope from outside Europe.

He said he would be “open to a pope from anywhere if I thought it was the right man, whether it was Europe or Asia or Africa or wherever.”



  1. The truth is now coming out. Ist the Pope said in his latest book that a 6th century monk made a mistake of the calculation of when Jesus was born. Then that the concept of the Xmas Charol where animals were pictured surrounded the baby Jesus & Angels singing was incorrect. Now this. It remains for Catholic to tell the world (a) that Mary is the mother of God (b) the Trinity (c) Easter – the celebration of the ressuration of Jesus Christ are all FALSE DOCTRINES not from the Bible. Jesus only commanded the observance the memorial of his death not ressuration. Read Luke 22:19 & 1 Cor. 11:26. The Bible says God is the head of Jesus. Jesus himself said God (his father) is greater than he is. Read John 14: 28 & Phillipians 2:5-9. God had no beginning therefore Mary couldnt have given birth to God.

  2. Celibacy is not a Bible teaching. So too is the act of going through Mary or Saints in prayers to God. Jesus said that no one comes to the Father except through me (Jesus). The Trinty dogma & Mary being the mother of God are all satanic concepts not of divine teaching. No wonder Catholic Priest had abused children & its still counting. They should go back to the True Bible teachings.

  3. @Onasis: What do you know about d Growth of d Church & the Traditions of d Church that u are Ranting all these Jargons frm your mouth. May God Forgive you .

    • Felix, why dont u look up the Scriptures to find out the truth. It may be bitter but u cant teach traditions of men as God’s word. Am not ranting no am not. Mary is not the mother of God. Jesus said his father is greater than he is. On many occations he uses the word “my God and your God” & “my father and your father.” when Jesur went to heaven God placed him on his right hand & made his name higher than any both in Heaven & on earth. Therefore, its about the Truth from the Bible. Read John 17:3. The decision not to mary is an individual choice not an express command given by Jesus. Thanks.

  4. Celibacy of catholic priest is biblical in hebrew:5nd7 to down u wl see that God himself is like a catholic priest, melchizedek is a priest of God almighty he did not marry and christ said he Jesus is a high priest in order of melchizedek that is why catholic priest are ordained in order of melchizedek.

    • The Catholic Bishop just said that the art of Celibacy is not Scriptural – it requires amendment. Anglican Priests who are married are acceptable in the Catholic. The Bible encourages singleness for the sake of service to the Lord ‘cos single persons have less distractions unlike married persons. Any who can make room for singleness is encouraged. Melchizedek was not commanded not to marry. He simply didnt by himself. As Christians, we must obey the commands of Jesus not laws made by man. Apostle Paul warned of apostates who will infiltrate the flock and teach things not inspired to tickle the ears of the faithfuls to turn them away from the Truth. I mean well. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Theophilus 4 dt.. I hope Onassis will see wht u wrote ? & Pls Onassis Kindly read 1cor 7:32-35.
    It’s a Pity u don’t know hw d Holy Church grew 2 it’s Present State frm d time of the Apostles to now, all you see is d Evil d devil is tryin 2 implant in the Church. & that is exactly wht d devil jst wants us 2 see. To destabilize our Faith in God, in his Church. It’s such a Pity.
    People dying in car accidents doesn’t make Cars Evil or bad does it ?

    • Felix, its not abt talking the evil done by some priests. Its abt the truth. The Apostles advocated an Overseer to be a husband of one wife plus other spiritual qualities. We obey Jesus who is the head of the Christian organisation not the teachings of men. Thanks.

  6. Yes ! You’ve Spoken very well in this ur last write-up.
    It was d decision of the Catholic Church 4 Priests 2 b Celibate bcos of those reasons stated our by St. Paul & the Early Apostles(1Cor 7:32-35; Hebrew 5 & 7 & other scriptural passages).
    Afterall St. Peter was Married as well as some of the Apostles b4 they were called by our Lord Jesus Christ.
    So if The Holy Catholic Church deems it fit & Appropriate 4 Her Priests 2 b Married den so b it. The Holy Church has been given the Power from above 2 make such Decisions whn the College of Cardinals come 2geda 2 make divine Laws 4 the good of the Church(Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 16:14-18; John 20:22-23; Acts 1:13-26; Matthew 16:17-19).

  7. Onassis it’s lik u did not read d Bible verses i quoted in my Last write up… Then mayb we are not communicating…. Is it not Men[of God] that will Promulgate & carry out God’s Laws ? Read ur Bible well & don’t Isolate translations the Bible is 1.

    • Felix, 1 Cor. 7:32-35 is a statement of fact. Single persons who want to serve the Lord full time have fewer distractions than married men who have to worry & care for their wives & children. It is not a directive. However 1 Timothy 3:1-12 provides Christians with the spiritual qualifications for those who take the lead in the Christian organisation of Jesus. One of it is that such a man must be a husband of ONE WIFE. Other places u quoted in Matthew & Mark is the command by Jesus to the faithfuls to preach the kingdom of God all over the earth. Hebrews 5-7 talks abt Jesus being a high priest in the manner of Melchizedek. There is nowhere that it states expressly that the later was commanded not to marry as a pre-requisite to being a high priest. The Rock mass in Bible or “the cornerstone” rejected always refers to Jesus. Read Mt.21:42, Eph 2:20, Mark 12:10 & 1 Peter 2:6. Now how do u explain the often quoted creed that Mary is the mother of God. Jesus NEVER said he is God. In the Bible, u cant find such words as “GOD THE SON” &”GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.” thanks.

  8. Onassis it’s lik u did not read d Bible verses i quoted in my Last write up… Then mayb we are not communicating…. Is it not Men[of God] that will Promulgate & carry out God’s Laws ? Read ur Bible well & don’t Isolate translations… The Bible is 1.

    • Felix, u dont promulgate existing laws by God. U teach God’s law to the faithfulls to obey them. Those u take the lead dont formulate man made laws on God’s people. Their job is to explain God’s laws as is written in the Bible.

  9. Its only God that knws a true worshipper men have turn the bible upside down for their own selfish reason all I knw is that we ar on earth to fulfil purpose and the bible speaks of prophecies both nagative and positive so which one is u and I fulfilling

  10. L̳̿☺Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇☺L̳̿​ .. U’re Funny !
    What’s ur denomination…?
    Cos wht u’re doing is Sola Scriptura… Interpreting from ur own understanding…
    Don’t u knw there where also Traditions Handed down by d Apostles down 2 their Successors till date.. I believe u’re an African. Even if u’re not… TRADITIONS CAN’T JUST BE THROWN AWAY ! I’m sure u knw dt ?
    We need to talk 1 on 1.. Cos we have a lot 2 discuss which dis medium would not allow…! Cheers !
    NB: And don’t gt me wrong those traditions are very well Backed up in d Bible b4 u start sayin dt i have no Proof frm d Bible… I very much have ! Cheers 1nce again !

  11. Onassis,

    I have been reading your comments and arguments on what the Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien said that Catholic Priests should be allowed to marry. If you go back to the story, himself affirmed that he would remain celibate. I understand in your arguments that you don’t understand the teachings of the church. Here are two things you must know about the church’s teaching on this topic:

    Theologically, the Church teaches that priesthood is a ministry conformed to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Priests as sacramental ministers act in persona Christi, that is in the person of Christ. Thus the life of the priest conforms, the Church believes, to the chastity of Christ himself. The sacrifice of married life is for the “sake of the Kingdom” (Luke 18:28–30, Matthew 19:27–30; Mark 10:20–21), and to follow the example of Jesus Christ in being “married” to the Church, viewed by Catholicism and many Christian traditions as the “Bride of Christ” (following Ephesians 5:25-33 and Revelation 21:9, together with the spousal imagery at Mark 2:19-20, cf. Matthew 9:14-15).

    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) in Salt of the Earth saw this practice as based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:12: “Some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men; and others have renounced marriage because of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.” He linked this celibacy “because of the kingdom of heaven” with God’s choice to confer the Old Testament priesthood on a specific tribe, that of Levi, which unlike the other tribes received no land from God, but which had “God himself as its inheritance” (Numbers 1:48–53).

    You also talked about Trinity: Do you believe in TRINITY? If yes, you believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? Then you that Jesus even said in the scriptures that I am in the Father and the Father in me. If Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Him, and He is born of Blessed Virgin Mary, Is she not the Mother of God? Let me also ask you this. Do you believe that Jesus was Truly man and is Truly God? If your answer is yes, you need not doubt that Mary is the Mother of God.

    You also talked about abuse of children by Catholic Priest. Good when it is a catholic priest, it is good news, but when it is your own priests with wives and concubines, it is one of those things. You should give credence to these gentle men who have dedicated their lives to the service of God as the Bible put it and not castigating them whenever one errs. The Bible says: “to err is human and to forgive divine”.

    Onassis, please pray the Holy Spirit to give you understanding of the word of God. Don’t be a Pharisee so that you won’t be too far from seeing the truth. Don’t be a Sadducee so that you won’t be too sad to read and understand the truth when it is spoken to you.

    Felix, well done. You a worthy son of the church.

    Have a blessed day.

  12. @Austin: Thanks very much 4 Helping me out here & Supporting a Brother in explaining the Faith to Onassis. You’ve spoken excellently well… You are also a worthy Son of the Holy Catholic Church. These days are very trying times 4 Christians & the Catholic Church especially. I pray that the Holy Spirit pours down his Spirit of understanding & Wisdom 2 our brothers & sisters in other Christian denomination & Faith so that their eyes will b Opened 2 understand & interpret properly what they read in the Bible.
    So that in Reading with pure hearts they may understand & not be Blind to the Truth.
    Once again i say a very Big thank u to u.
    There is still much we have to do in Evangelising ( i call it Modern Evangelism especially in dis our so called Modern Era where there is a huge misconception in the idea of Freedom to read & interpret the Bible {Sola Scriptura}).
    May God help us all in attaining His Everlasting Kingdom so that we too won’t b lost amidst trying to re-evangelise our Lord Jesus Christ command.

  13. Felix, Thank you too brother. I love your courage in tackling Onassis. I hope he would have learnt one thing or the order from this interaction so far. Let us pray for the forthcoming Pope and also pray for the outgoing one that God will strenghten him in his health challenges and that God will chose his successor who will carry the Church of God to the next level. The one that will not support gay union, abortion etc. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. Have a wonderful day.

  14. brethren an unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of his faith,how to please the lord.The married man is anxious about the affairs of her wife and how to please her and he is divided about worldly things.


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