CAN has confirmed the Catholic Church’s allegation that it is an arm of government – Tunde Bakare

Pastor-Tunde-BakareLatter Rain Assembly pastor, Tunde Bakare, has again lashed out at the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), saying the body has become nothing more than a political appendage of the government.

Pastor Bakare, who was speaking during the Sunday service in his church at Ogba area of Lagos State, questioned the moral judgment the leadership of CAN had to criticise and call the ex-Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Mallam Nassir el-Rufai, a “bigot” over recent statements which, he claimed, did not originate from the former minister.

“It is rather unfortunate that CAN has chosen to confirm its description by the Catholic Church as an arm of the government in power, by fanning the propaganda of agents of the administration that el-Rufai is a bigot for a statement that did not originate from him and whose meaning should be clear to non-mischievous persons,” Pastor Bakare said.

“This is nothing but feeding on mass neurosis and widening the gap between people of different faiths in the country. Is CAN saying the gentleman, who wrote the offending statement and happens to be a Christian is a bigot?” he queried.


  1. @James: Instead of lampooning the gentleman, why don’t u answer his last question: “Is the man that originally tweeted the message, who happened to be a Xtian, before it was retweeted (NB: “RE”) by El-Rufai a bigot? Don’t let’s beclouded by sentiments!

  2. We should read the Bible well before we judge people. Is it because he joined politics that removed him from being a pastor? We should know that if we leave the political terrain in the hands of all the current thieves, then Nigeria will continue to wallow in these our present predicament.
    Pastor Tunde Bakare is the only pastor that continue to hit the nail on the head while others like Oritsejafor are dining and wining with those poli-robbers. Pastor Adeboye of RCCG has however failed woefully in telling those politicians that throng his church the bitter truth of their misgovernance. If he did, trust our polticians will stop going there immediately.

  3. The only Christian in Nigeria untill men of God stand like him Nigeria will continue to suffer, a case where Pastor main duty is to share our looted funds and dine with them tufiakwa this people are not Christians a shame.


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