Clothed But N*ked: See Tiwa Savage’s Dress At Banky W’s Concert

Tiwa Savage Wears See-Through Dress To Banky W’s Concert


This is what Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and recently engaged actress wore to Banky W’s concert on Friday.

Her dress is very close to that of Halle Berry’s see-through dress.

Are Nigerian celebs are now imitating American celebrities? What will her fiancee think of this


  1. It hurts me so bad to see her ds way cos am one of her fans bt dt being said,modest dressing brings beauty and class,i believe wn u expose ur body unneccessarily,it is neither class nor trend,rather,it is as a result of a low self esteem dt u’v got and so u thnk its until u expose ur body cheaply dt u can be noticed and dts total misconception!!

  2. Oh! Nigerian’s ar so good in learning borrowed cultures.culture is d prestige,d dignity of every nations, must we throw away our culture 4foreign cultures? Our mentality nd d Americans ar nt dsame,so there mode of dressing cannot be commend down here. So Tiwai I no gbadu ur fashion.

  3. Tiwa i respect u.
    Buh the respect is gone wat are u teaching we ur Teenege fans
    if u sees this comment u might say is not our business, ur suppose to be a role model
    if i start to abuse u, i wont gain anything 4rom it
    so next time try to dress decent
    i love u

  4. u guys r jst blody hypocrites,tiwa is ugly,tiwa is a witch,tiwa is old,tiwa is a whore…………wu made judge ova hr???? ur gfs,sis n evn wifes r mor ugly dan hr bt u al hav 2 HATE…….wu amongs u creatd urselvs n wat can u do dan update rubish……

  5. She is not a bitch. She is not a witch. She is not ugly. And she is not a whore. Please stop using “God” as an excuse to insult a woman. Jesus himself said never to call anyone a fool….for all the stupid things u self righteous pigs have said u should be ashamed and beg God for forgiveness. As for the ppl talking abt culture…the clothes u wear, the language u speak, the shoes on ur feet..even the religioun u practice….all those are borrowed culture. So pls shut up. She could have worn sth sexy but more flattering….that’s all..I hate the colour but that doesn’t change the fact that she has talent.

  6. I’m sorry to mention Genevieve here, you see, thats one reason most people like her, she might not be d most beautiful, but knows how to cover herself in public. When she eventually poses nude, you know its for modeling companies..

  7. Where is that fashion taking us to? When our daughters start going wide how do we caution them? That is wife! Tomorrow will be called mother! I pray her life today will heal her children cry tomorrow!