Corper Wins Car For Maintaining Virginity Till Marriage

urlTHE Abia State Governor, Theodore Orji, has commended the Purity Organisation for promoting purity among youths and called on singles to strive to keep their virginity, which he described as their enduring priceless legacy.

The governor spoke in Umuahia on Wednesday while welcoming to his office the winner of the 2013 World Purity Queen, Mrs. Nwanyieze Prosper, who also won the car prize donated by the Purity Organisation, as a reward for maintaining her virginity till marriage.

“I challenge our youths to jealously preserve their virginity until they get married as the benefits of chastity are far reaching,“ he said.

He assured the organization of the continued support of government in its activities.

Orji represented by the Permanent Secretary, Government House, Mr. Nkwachukwu Agomuo, said the consequences of pre-marital sex are enormous, adding that the ideals of the Purity Organisation were in line with the goals of his administration.

President of Purity Organization, Mr. Prosper Tochukwu, said that the car prize donated by his organization was in fulfillment of an earlier pledge it made that the car would be given to any girl certified as virgin before marriage and described it as an “ enviable gift”.

According to him, only two persons registered for the contest since last year and were both certified as virgins by medical experts, indicating that the second person would also be given a car soon.

The winner of the contest, who is a serving National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member in Bayelsa State, urged single ladies to strive not to lose their virginity despite all the lures and pressures even as she counselled those that lost theirs not to wallow in shame and regret but to resolve to begin to live life of chastity.

One of the medical doctors that examined and certified her virginity on the eve of her wedding, Dr. (Mrs.) Ifeyinwa Uma- Kalu, urged parents, churches and government at all levels to help promote chastity in the society.

Source: Guardian Newspaper


  1. The negative comments made so far from diverse group denotes that people in the society are highly unfaithful themselves, that is why they find it difficult to believe. I hold the view that, it is the valueless that devalues the valuable!

  2. Dem no get work to do at all.
    Instead Gov. T.A Orji go beta abia state, him dey do virginity test.
    Him sister na virgin? Useless time usage.
    T.A Orji na shame to governors.

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  4. Peopl der r many lik dt,its simply a choice 2 please God & it cannot b possible outside God.Some makes it seem a difficult thing 4 a lady 2 maintain virginity till marriage……they dnt even struggle 2 be,its their pride & delight.
    Thank u mr governor 4 encouraging dt,keep up pls.

  5. I rejoice with you….. But all U ladies who can’t beliv a mere tin, how then can U beliv any other tin. I’m now depressed with what I saw here…. So it can be concluded that virginity is less than 1% in our society. I’m I going to marry like this

  6. Dem fuck d pussy to know if na virgin or not. Many go dis virgin dem go wash d toto with substance to decieve boys wen no no d koko. Those wel stil be real virgin una bam. Una go still disvirgin one day. But make una see correct guy like me. I must speak d truth. Na last week i deflower my sweet girl wen i wan marry. So i no all d koko. I wish una good luck

  7. U guys can be dumb at times,im sure u guys were blinded to the part were dey mentioned medical examiners.that is why many of u are deprived of gud tins in life.dumb fools.


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