Court Dissolves 21-year-old Marriage As Husband Accuses Wife Of Fetish Acts


An Agege Grade A Customary Court, Lagos granted the wish of Wahab Adekola who wanted the dissolution of his 21-year-old marriage as he accused his wife of fetish acts and nagging.

“I went outside to look for love when I was frustrated by the woman I married; I needed a woman that would pamper me. I found love outside my home; but the woman died suddenly with our five-month-old baby,” Adekola, a transporter, who lives at Aparadija new site, Ota, Ogun.

“I am so sure my first wife was responsible because she always threatened to kill any woman associated with me.

“She nagged a lot, she was troublesome and always in the mood to fight. I did not enjoy myself throughout our stay together.

“She pushed me to have girlfriends because she did not give me peace at home; also, I am a true Muslim, I am entitled to marry more than one wife.

“Any time she heard that I was going out with any lady, she would look for the lady and threaten to kill her,” he said. “I lived in fear all through my years with her, yet, I paid for everything at home. I want the court to dissolve the union. I want the court to tell her to desist from coming to my abode and I want custody of my children,” he said.

The court president Emmanuel Shokunle granted the husband’s prayer to dissolve the marriage. But the court’s position didn’t go down well with the respondent Abibatu, a civil servant, of number 9, Biodun Sobadan Street, Agidingbi, who threw herself on the ground, crying uncontrollably.

In her defence, the respondent said she still loved her husband and never meant any evil for him or his deceased wife and child.

“I do not know anything about the death of his wife and child. I loved my husband. I shared every single penny I made with him, when he had nothing,” she said.

“I contributed to the building of the house. I built a house for another woman to dwell in, now another woman will train my children for me.

“If I had known, I would not have contributed to the building of the house he is staying in now with his wife”.

“My husband was a good and loving man when he had nothing, but because he is comfortable now, he does not want me again,” she said.

“I am ready to leave him, but I want the court to beg him so that he will not kill me. I know I was charmed by either him or one of his girl friends that wanted him at all costs,” she said.


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