DDM: The Upcoming Artiste Who Left Engineering For Music…Now, That’s Passion!

DDM with Tunde Ednut
DDM with Tunde Ednut

Anthony Robbins once said; “There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.” … or in the case of DDM an artiste. Many who don’t understand the power of passion may find it hard to fathom why a young man with a degree in Civil Engineering will leave the prospects of Engineering for music.

In a chat with upcoming Afro-Hip hop artiste, DDM, he shares his experience so far in the music industry and his aspirations for the future.

According to Howard Thurman’s word, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive,” DDM is doing what makes him come alive, and he’s happy doing it.

It’s great having you tonight

DDM(DingDongMaster):Pleasure is mine

DDM is fast becoming a name on everyone’s lips. How has the journey being?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Fine and not fine”

Can you explain what you mean by that?

DDM(DingDongMaster):Fine Cos a lot of peepz and fans feeling DDM and knowing has come 2 stay. And Not fine because the journey so far hasn’t been easy.

I’d say you don’t need an introduction, but for those who might not have heard about DDM, can you please introduce yourself briefly?

DDM(DingDongMaster):DDM is a musical artiste aka DingDongMaster. Real name Awopetu Daniel. My genre of music is Afro hip pop.

Have you always been an artiste, or did you also drop out of school to focus on music like most artistes nowadays?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Noooo. Not at all. I didn’t drop out. You know they say Knowledge is power. I have a Degree in Civil Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomomoso (LAUTECH).

DDM with DJ Zeez
DDM with DJ Zeez

Whoa! Come on man, why aren’t you out there working for Julius Berger?

DDM(DingDongMaster): (smiles) I chose Music because of the love and passion.

Are you saying you are so passionate about music you aren’t ever going to practice Civil Engineering?

DDM(DingDongMaster):Yea I might not

Man, that’ll be a lot of sacrifice you’ll be doing for music
DDM(DingDongMaster):It’s worth it… because that’s what I call fulfilment

Would you have made this same decision years ago when music wasn’t as lucrative as this, so-to-say

DDM(DingDongMaster):Sure, I would have.

I’d say your passion for music is unbridled then


You are welcome. Most artistes don’t get the required support from their family in their music career. Has your family been supportive?

DDM(DingDongMaster):Yes they have. They have no problems with it at all

Well that would be expected since you did what every parent requires of their kids; you finished your education despite your passion for music. Would they have supported if you dropped out?

DDM(DingDongMaster): I strongly doubt. They wouldn’t have.

So you made all the sacrifices you had to make. Good one. How many songs do you have released now?

DDM(DingDongMaster): One. It’s titled kilonfe

*music* Kilonfe, dem wan to marry me…*music*

DDM(DingDongMaster): Yeaaah! Exactly. :)

How did Kilonfe do?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Massively accepted. The promo is still on

Heard about an Akure show where you performed with star artistes like 2Face, Dammy Krane, among others. How did it go?

DDM(DingDongMaster):It was Awesome.

Was that your first performance of that magnitude?

DDM(DingDongMaster):Yes, I must tell U

A big leap then, performing on the same stage with 2Face, I’d say. What do you think?

DDM(DingDongMaster): A big Movement for DDM as a brand

Who organised the show, and how did you come about being part? Do you have ties with Hypertek?

DDM(DingDongMaster): It was organized by Hi-rise synergy LTD. I have no ties with Hypertek, but with Hi-Rise.

How are you working on getting signed by a record label, or do you prefer pushing your brand on your own?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Getting to labels ain’t so easy these days. These so called labels are even choked with artistes that are still trying to do something. So for now, I’m still on my own except a good Label comes my way.

Isn’t it true that artistes are ungrateful these days that they leave labels after making a name under such labels? Maybe that’s why labels are sceptical about signing on artistes. What do you think?

DDM(DingDongMaster): It depends on d contract. Sometimes labels deviate from it, and sometimes d artistes break the rules binding the contract.

There is a rumour making rounds now that Wizkid is leaving EME. Both Banky W and Wizkid have declined comments on the issue. Do you think Wizkid is really going to leave?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Well anybody can leave anywhere. Change is constant. No stage in life is permanent. Mo’hits split, remember? Eva left Trybe records.

Well, sources say he’s just moving his management to the UK, but he’ll remain under the label. But when artistes leave labels after making their name, don’t you think it’s tantamount to biting the finger that fed you?

DDM(DingDongMaster): Yea it is sometimes, and sometimes it’s not. It could be breach of contract.

What are you working on at the moment?

DDM(DingDongMaster): A brand new single titled “Dabo Dabo”

Dabo Dabo means what?

DDM(DingDongMaster):Simply get your Groove on. Groove away your sorrows and worries. You know now…

It’s gonna be a great party track, I guess

DDM: Yeah! Something you could nod your body to

Are you planning on working with some established artistes soon?
DDM: Yes

DDM with JJC
DDM with JJC

Who are the artistes you’d love to work with?
DDM: A whole lot. 2Face, D’banj, JJC, Terry G, Dre Sticks, Fricker… the list is endless.

Who is first on your list?
DDM: D’banj

Great! Who is your mentor in the industry?
DDM: Eminem is actually my mentor in the industry at large.

What about in Nigeria?
DDM: 2Face, D’banj, P Square, Baba Fela; may his soul rest in peace.

Is there a chance you will go into rap from the Afro-Hip Hop genre you are doing now, since you said Eminem is your mentor in the industry?
DDM: Sure, because I started as a rapper. Then, I went into singing.

Where do you see yourself in the music industry five years from now?
DDM: On top, right there.

I wish you the best in your career.
DDM: Thank you.

DDM with Fricker
DDM with Fricker



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