Family Of Brain-Damaged Suntai Moves Out Of Government House, Acting Taraba Governor Plans Cabinet Reshuffle


On Saturday, Hauwa Danbaba Suntai, wife of Danbaba Suntai, the brain-damaged governor of Taraba State, moved his personal belongings out of Government House night. It appears her husband, who is currently hospitalized in Germany, may quietly return to Nigeria to settle into an unusual life of continued therapy to enable him to function.

The governor, who was injured last year in a plane crash near the International airport in Yola, has failed to make the rapid recovery she and his aides touted which would have enabled him return to office. The Acting Governor, Garba Umar, on the other hand, is quietly making plans for a full take-over, which would include firing commissioners and aides who served Mr. Suntai.

A source knowledgeable about goings-on in the State told SaharaReporters that the Acting Governor will start working on fully assuming the governorship as soon as all the structures have been put in place.

Already, the House of Assembly has begun making preparations to declare Mr. Suntai constitutionally incapacitated. Of related interest is that Emmanuel Bello, a megaphone for Suntai who was the arrowhead of the propaganda that the ailing governor had “dramatically recovered” and would return to office, is facing a probe in the House relating to fraud in the procurement of materials for flood victims in the State. Mr. Bello is the Commissioner for Information.

SaharaReporters sources stated that some 15 brand new vehicles belonging to Mr. Suntai have been moved to Yola. Other personal effects have also been taken to his home, which is near the Government House in Jalingo.



  1. Thieves!! 15 brand new vehicles, private jets etc sir! You are only paying for stealing from the state government at the expense of the very poor people of taraba state! God will always listen to the cries of the masses! Be good so that people will pray good for you! If you oppress and covet other peoples gains you will surely reap sorrow.


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