Fans Of Tonto Dikeh Not Certain Of Her Health


Tonto Dikeh who made her début in Nollywood few years back is naturally fair in complexion. But despite this, the controversial actress has gone ahead to tone her skin in a manner that makes her to  look like  a ‘weird beauty.’

Her fans are expressing fear that the actress whose green veins have become so obvious through her now thin-layered skin, may soon break down with a skin disease.

Speculations are also rife that Tonto may have gone through a whitening machine to get her skin whiter than normal.

WG  learnt from a tweet bird that despite Tonto’s denial that she’d stopped smoking, the actress is still secretly smoking her thing. A concerned fan of the actress expressed her fear this way:  “This girl will not kill herself.”



  1. I pray that God rescue her. To be frank, She’s the problem She’s having. What good of turning your skin into white has done to her now? What about the tattoo that covers 3quater of her back? Those rising star actress have not turn tattooing thier body to competition. Though i’m one of her fans, infact NUMBER 1 fan of her but i ll not see the truth and refuse to say it. I pray God ll save her from her problems. Amen

  2. Baby! I don’t even know what to say to you and I don’t know why you had to take this steps, it doesn’t fit you @all plzzz u need to change ur ways its for ur oWn good. I know uve been seeing&hearing what people are saying about you, u just need to change_ let it not cause death to you plsss? I know ur trying to live ur life the way it pleases you buh I guess ur hurting urslf & do not blame any1 if anyfin happens to u? God Guide u amen! That’s all? muahh we love u owk.

  3. Girl! I don’t know what I’ll say to you but I hope you know what you are doing? I don’t know why u had to take this decision,don’t cAuse death to urslf plzzz,stop dis act of urs its not taking u anywhere rather ur hurting urslf.I guess ur seeing& hearing what people are saying about u Its all bcuz dey wnt d best out of u not what ur doin now,i know your trying to live ur ilfe the it pleases u but do not blame any1 if anyfin happens to you? Stay safe I pray God guide&protect you.

  4. Hey babe, u got to slow it down. in as much as we like and enjoy u we want to c u for long, not to be cut down in ur prime due to ur own act. life is short, live it the best way u can – wish +vely.
    u need not to prove anything by bn controversial. wt much of love from an elder brother. ciao