Father Pays Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook


The vice president of a Massachusetts energy company is expending his resources to keep his daughter off Facebook.

Paul Baier whipped up a Facebook Deactivation Agreement that he made for his 14-year-old daughter Rachel to quit the social site. In exchange for a Facebook-less five months, Baier is paying her $200 in instalments.

He posted a photo of the dinky contract on his blog.
fb quit

One glance at the document could merit a click on the “Like” button. “I plan to use the money for the following purposes: stuff,” Rachel writes.

Don’t hate her dad yet; she wasn’t harshly done by, it was Rachel’s doing. “It was her idea,” Paul told the Daily Dot. “She wants to earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes. She plans to go back on after the 6 months is over.”

Rachael’s first payment of $50 is on April 26, and she may not see a cent before then, but good thing is after her six-month Facebook fast, Rachael sure won’t have problems answering Facebook’s question; “What’s on your mind?” A lot should happen in six months she’d be so eager to share.