For Guys: The Type Of Girl You Should Never Let Go – Paul Okoye

As February 14th draws near, a day widely regarded as lovers’ day, Paul Okoye has given tips on how to know the type of girl that you should never let go. It is not uncommon to find guys especially breaking up with their girls in this month because they do not want to shower love and affection but the question is, when you let that girl go because you don’t want to ‘spend’ is it worth it?

Below are Paul’s eye-opening tips and we tend to agree but what do you think? Is the girl Paul describing truly deserving to be held onto tightly?



    Today so many vergin girls loose their verginity and some goes to hiding because of pressure from peer groups and wrong perception about vergin girl among the youth of this generation. Space would not permit me to list them, but I hope this few would help.

    1. Fear of being ridicle by friend and peer groups… The saying ”no more vergin girls in the world again”… My dear vergin friends.
    There are still
    virgins in the world today. They are just
    hiding just as you are.
    I know of a 25years old lady who married as a virgin… It wasn’t that she lived in a different world, or there
    was no temptation along the way, but she knew what she wanted
    and kept it.
    If you are a vergin please be proud to be a vergin…
    2. Trying To Feal Among…Some girls will say ” What is
    there? After all other girls are doing it… Remember you are not ”Other Girls”, you are ‘you’ (UNIQUE).

    They will tell you ”in fact no one gets married as a
    virgin”, lies lies lies… People still get
    married as virgins.
    They can call u names like…
    you dis little girl… SU…and tell u stories, please don’t be carried away because when you loose it you can’t get it back. They have lost theirs and they want you to join their league. (Remember; You can join them but they can never join you not in this life time) Please don’t be deceived.
    Keep your virginity for the
    right person and In the right time(when you are married)
    Guys, please let us encourage the vergin girls. Please if you are not a vergin girl you still have your dignity as a woman to protect.
    Keep and give yourself only to the right MAN.


  2. Bros,if a girl wants to marry you at all cost she could do all those you mentioned above,just be careful such girl can change after getting what she wants from you (marriage),its better to marry someone who doesn’t hide or swallow their feelings 2 satisfy you ’cause the you know what 2 expect in the worst of situations


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