For Men: When To Say Goodbye To Your Shirts

We’ve discussed shirts a lot; sweatshirts, dress shirts, T-shirts, and Sports shirts. In the course of our discussion, we’ve talked about how shirts could be taken care of. However, no matter how careful you are about your shirts or how much you take care of them, there’s always a time when they can’t go on; like animals, shirts also have a lifespan.

You may have a nice fitting shirt that makes you look your best, but that’s not reason enough for you to wear it till it tears on you. You should know when to let those shirts despite their beauty or cost.

Here is how you know it’s time to say goodbye to your lovely shirt;

1. If it’s stained. There’s a reason why they put ‘wash dark colours separately’ on some labels. There’s also a reason why people tuck napkins into their shirts why eating, although dining etiquette specialists say it’s only right for five-year-olds. The important thing here is, you should try all you can to keep your shirt from stain, but when you’ve done your best and your shirt still gets stained, you just have to let go. You will look ridiculous wearing a stained shirt no matter how costly it is. Please, stop wearing the shirt if you can’t get rid of the stain.
stained shirt

2. If you can see your elbows. You don’t just start seeing your elbows; your elbows become visible after the shirt has been washed so many times. You can see it’s old my friend, let it go.

some shirts come with elbow patches to extend their lifespan
some shirts come with elbow patches to extend their lifespan

3. If the collar has changed colour. You guys didn’t start your relationship with a faded collar. Your shirt’s message to you when the collar fades is that it’s done serving you.

4. Pitted-out shirts are just plain disgusting! There’s a way out I heard of; Get some cheap vodka, and make a paste with the vodka and some baking soda. Then, rub the paste on the offending areas of your shirt and wait for an hour before you wash as usual. If this isn’t enough, leave your stubborn shirt alone.

pitted-out with sweat stain
pitted-out with sweat stain

Now you know when to let them go. People won’t care how well-dressed you’ve been all year the day you wear a shirt that should have ended up in the trash can, you will simply be told your shirt is bad and not to be worn again. It will be break my heart if you get embarrassed over a bad shirt despite reading this column every Saturday. Please sieve through your wardrobe this weekend and get rid of those shirts that are out of place.

It’s always fun being here with you. Dress Well, look great, live healthy.



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