For Vector, A Good Name Is Everything


Lanre Ogunmefun, popularly known as Vector has risen to become a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s music industry. Whatever he has today, it’s as a result of hardwork. And for Vector, name is everything; a good name is better than silver or gold.

“We are about five in my family, I’m the fourth. All our dad has ever tried to teach us is that we should at all times stand for each other and be good to everyone around us. My dad can give his eyes to a stranger, that used to annoy my siblings and I but we later got to understand. There was a day I was in a bus and there were many police checkpoints. The police stopped the bus and one of them said to me, ‘you look like Mr. Ogunmefun’, I said I am his son. I didn’t think my father was famous in the town, but at certain times when the name was needed, it came to the rescue,” Vector told Saturday Beats.

“It made me sit and ask myself, if in the nearest future, if my son gets into any kind of trouble, will he be able to call my name? I just hope there won’t be any checkpoints then. So hopefully, my younger brother can say my brother is Vector when ‘trouble’ beckons,” he said.

For those who believe Vector isn’t in good terms with some artistes in the industry, Vector says he has no issue with anybody.

“I don’t have beef with artistes, I just get misunderstood sometimes and the ones who take it personal probably do so for different reasons: in most cases to get attention for themselves,” he said.

Vector believes he has to remain focused on his music, and so he’s not going to get involved in any relationship for now, but he loves all his fans regardless of gender.

“Serious relationships suffer especially when you are on the rise in your career so, considering a serious relationship has to wait a bit. The female fans are about as important in the general equation as the male ones. I don’t try to cope because doing so may infer that they are a problem. I’m as receptive as ever to all my fans,” Vector said.

Vector tries as much as possible to stay back and rest nights when he doesn’t have to be out for work as he says he doesn’t observe siesta. V.E.C. finds it hard to sleep during the day, so for him nights are precious.


  1. May God Almighty enlarge ur coverage so that u will reign n shine throu ur good music, u remain 1 of my stand out artist in d music industry. Cheers

  2. May God Almighty enlarge ur coverage so that u will reign n shine throu ur good music, u remain 1 of my stand out artist in d music industry Vector. Cheers


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