Foreigners Mock Nigeria After Kim Kardashian is Paid $500k for 50 Seconds on Stage!


The mother-to-be was billed to ‘co-host’ the Love Like A Movie event with African R’n’B crooner Darey Art-Alade, for which tickets cost N100,000, or $640. 

But according to local reports, Kim stayed at the event for 45 minutes, making a 45-second statement on the microphone.

Independent Nigerian TV station Channels Television reported: ‘There were disappointments after Kim Kardashian came on stage for only 40 seconds.’

The channel posted pictures of the smiling star wearing a black leather dress, posing alongside the performers including 2Face, Waje, Banky W, Ice Prince, Mo’Eazy and Zaina.

Guardian blogger Jeremy Weate described how Kim’s visit was an example of the country’s economic elite ‘blowing its money on bling puffery while most of the country suffers’.

He wrote: ‘Ms Kardashian appeared, said, “Hey Naija” and vamoosed. The rumour was that she’d been paid 500,000 Benjamins for the honour of mixing with the petro-class.’
Commentators in the country made reference to Kim’s infamous sex tape as they queried why a woman of dubious ‘moral rating’ should be in the country at all.
This Daynewspaper’s Eddy Odivwri wrote: ‘Many families are not exactly comfortable with her lifestyle, as she hardly cuts the image of a role model to a generation in need of a moral dress up.’
But Odivwri did welcome her visit as a sign that the country was an attractive destination to celebrities.
‘Despite what is considered as Nigeria’s many drawbacks, the nation remains yet a destination point to several international personages… the latest to visit… is Kim Kardashian, the world’s most famous American reality show celebrity.’

Kim was criticised for her brief marriage to Kris Humphries, with Charles Mgbolu for AllAfrica writing: ‘It is uncertain how much Kim is loved in Nigeria as she fell sour to a lot of her fans after her divorce with former hubby Kris Humphries in a marriage that lasted barely 72 days.’

And it wasn’t just in Nigeria that eyebrows were raised, with Ghana based site writing: ‘My questions is; what is wrong with us Africans?

‘When did Kim Kardashian become so good at hosting that she has to be paid thousands of dollars and be brought to Nigeria to handle a concert?’


  1. I used to admire Darey Art Alade before and a lot of Nigerians use to but now, he has poured chilli pepper in our eyes blinding us from seeing him as a sensible nd intelligent role model…WTF did u hve to brng dat Wh*re for, not to talk of dat huge amount? Dum ass n*gga!

  2. i find it difficult to understand the term co-hosting. I was thought that a host organise n prepare to receive his guest, but can a 45second breeze in(on stage) qulifies one to be a co-host, or is she a guest of honor. i conclude that the organisers of the show deceived nigerians by calling a guest – a host. Whatever they paid her is their business, but they should pay back nigerians who they deceived.
    Zii Neto