Go For Married Men If… – Nollywood Actress

Lola AlaoPopular Yoruba actress, Lola Alao has blamed Bachelors for the spate of marriages between married men and single ladies saying they (bachelors) are not ready to marry hence ‘the next available option’ – married men.

Lola gave this view in a recent interview.

In her words: “Let me explain something to you; where are the single guys? They are there and not ready to marry. If the single guys are not ready then the next available option should be taken. I believe one should go for whatever makes one happy. ”

Buttressing her point, Lola added: “If a married man is the one that will make you happy, please go for it. I know married women would be angry with me but it is the truth of the matter”.

Do you agree with her views?

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  • why wud u say bachelors are not ready for marriage when d ladies go on with d old fashion style of playin ‘too hard to get’. some turn d man into money making machine nd if he doesnt satisfy her enof she goes around throwing her legs open for material things. so tel me; guyz re left with no option but to keep sampling. mind u if u go for married men..just go get a casket….

  • My dear,if u tink datin a married man wud mke u hapi,b redy to b a fool 4eva. D onli gain dere z moni,he cn nva b urs n evry womn wants a man 4 demself.wen dt u hapiness ll destry u is wen u hve had 10kids frm diff. Married men dt ll nt claim responsibility n wen dt ur single guy z ready,u present him wt al d proof(kids)of ur so calld hapiness. get a life

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