Goldie’s ‘Little Secret’ Revealed

Goldie and Prezzo
Goldie and Prezzo

Susan Harvey, popularly known has Goldie left Nigerians in shock when she died on Valentine’s Day. More shocking are the revelations that have been popping up since she died.

Some sources had earlier said Goldie died of pulmonary embolism, PM News yesterday reported that she died of drug use. The two causes are interrelated, so there is no reason why anyone should doubt PM News’ report until a credible source speaks out. Drug use may cause pulmonary embolism, and pulmonary embolism may lead to sudden death.

As fans of Goldie try to deal with this revelation, another one came up via Facebook raising questions about Goldie’s marital status. Was she married or single? Does it mean that Goldie while she lived had an identical twin? If that was actually Goldie, what else did we not know about her?

Andrew and Susan Harvey
Andrew and Susan Harvey

Do you think she’s the one in this picture?

A man named Andrew Harvey who claims to be Goldie’s husband posted this comment online: “Memories of my darling wife; a few pictures of my moments with her before she died last Thursday”

The Couple with their parents
The Couple with their parents

Goldie left at a time when some her dreams her were ready to come true. Sources close to the talented songstress disclosed that one of her unfufilled dreams was to see her own reality show completed and accepted. She had already shot some episodes with best friend, Denrele Edun of Channel O. They were both hoping that the reality show ‘Tru Friend’ would start showing in TV stations by the end of the month.

She also had plans for marriage with Kenyan born Big Brother Africa co-housemate, Prezzo whom she fell in love with at the Big Brother House. Some even say, had they been together on Valentine’s Day, Prezzo planned proposing to her on the day, with pictures of the supposed engagement ring all over blogs.

Goldie was born Susan Adebimpe Filani and she hailed from Ekiti state. She studied and lived in the UK for some years before she returned to Nigeria to focus on her music career.

She died at the age of 31.


  1. This isn’t Goldie. She will not wear that kind of wedding gown. The Goldie that I know is very fashionable. Maybe a look alike but definitely not Goldie.

  2. Dunno why bloggers apply euphemism for star celebrities….U̶̲̥̅̊ call a hidden marriage little secret? Let’s learn to be factual, pple…..RIP Susan ‘Bimpe Harvey nee Filani aka “Goldie”

  3. Wє’яє вσяη αℓσnє,ωє livє alσnє, ωє diє alσnє.σnl‎ץ tняσυgн συя lσvє nd ƒяιєη∂ѕнιρ ¢αη ωє cяєαтє тнє ιℓℓυѕιση ƒσя тнє мσмєηт тнαт ωє’яєησт αℓσηє.

  4. Pls can u enlighten her beloved citizens on her post-mortem results(i believe it has been done)so we can shun rumors relating to goldie’s death.may her soul R.I.P.P.

  5. May Goldie soul rest in peace,but this is my warning to Nigerian Artist,their immorality been demonstrated in their so called music/show is offending God and breeding immorality. This country Nigeria, God place special interest in her .let their be moral moderation in whatever these so call new generation do. May You be wise

  6. Hmmm, dat isn’s Goldie dat i know, it could be look alike. Goldie! Any where u r now know it dat u r loved and i miss u but i still can’t believe u r dead and gone just like dat. May God in his infinite mercy grant u internal rest in his bossom. Amen!

  7. I feel pain since d day i heard she was dead. bt i stl feel dia is hope. there one prophet God is using real big now if any of her close relative is seeing dis they can contact in him, i believe somtin extraordinary mite hapen.she mite live prophet j.k hephzibah on baba peculiar hephzibah on facebook


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