Goodbye To Ikeja Computer Village


As a follow up to the story on the relocation of Ikeja Computer Village, our correspondent, during a visit to Katangowa Market, along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, gathered that Katangowa is the proposed site where the Ikeja traders may be resettled. In terms of size, Katangowa is bigger than the Computer Village, as the market covers about 26 hectares of land with most of the traders dealing in second-hand clothes.

Katangowa shows a vivid picture of a disorganised setting. While the major entrance to the market from Lagos-Abeokuta expressway is almost taken over by street traders, a large portion of the market has been overtaken by refuse. During the visit, some of the items seen on display in the market in large quantities were clothes, bags, shoes, curtains, belts and other textile materials.

Also, many women and young girls were seen selling vegetable, fish, tomato, pepper and other food items in the market. While most of the dealers in textile materials operated in small shops, those trading in food items displayed their wares on the sidewalk thereby disrupting free flow of traffic around the market.

At the back of the market, which leads to Saint Peters Anglican Church, there were structures serving as residential homes. Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, said measures were being put in place by the state government to rehabilitate Katangowa and thus fast track the relocation of the Computer Villagers traders.

On if there are underlying interests within the ministry to handle Ikeja project, he said, “This is not a direct labour project, so there is nothing like personal interest. Financial challenge made some companies that expressed interest initially to back out, but we still have those who submitted their proposals with us. In order to select a credible firm with the required financial capability and technical-know-how to handle the project, we have engaged a Transaction Advisor, who will look at the request for proposals from bidders and give government expert advice on the best company to engage. So that the project, when finally awarded, will be well executed. The government is methodical in approach by following due process. This is what people should appreciate”.



  1. Will the people in computer village agree T̅o be relocated? Though relocation or discongenting the market will bring alot of beauty T̅o ikeja.
    ƒσя buyers, won’t it be too far ? I mean Lagos Abeokuta rd ƒσя people T̅o go nd buy there stuffs?

  2. In which ever situation we may found areselves we should always give thank’s to the Almighty God, even onto which way devil himself and his followers Settle are life’s. Hopefully we Shouldn’t forget him and always pray as a sign of remembrance, for his is the God of Vengance.

  3. Fashola has started his lunatic idea how can you merge computer expatriate with those selling house hold materials and clothes? what kind of sense is this
    computer seller + Okro sellers
    Mr Fashola you need to think right.