Guess What Rihanna Got As Valentine’s Day Present….A Bunch Of Weed


While you waited for chocolates and roses, Riri was home wondering what would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, and she got what she wanted, marijuana.

The pop star says she got a whole lot of marijuana for Valentine’s Day, and she’s totally stoked.

Rihanna posted her Valentine’s Day haul on Instagram along with the message, “Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy.”

One wonders who got her the gift. If there’s anyone we’re sure knows of Riri’s love for weed, it’s Brown. Remember they smoked pot together at the Grammys afterparty? Chris Brown has a California weed card; that means he can buy for himself in California, but it’s against the law to buy pot for somebody else-I guess they can only know that if you get caught, right?


Sources say something went down between Rihanna and Chris Brown just days to Valentine, and it seems to have wedged a sword between them as they added that Rihanna ignored Brown in the last few days leading to Valentine, and even on Valentine’s Day.

If Rihanna actually ignored Chris Brown, could the weed have been his way of appeasing the goddess? Did he send the pot to make Riri stoked and happy?

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