Hey There! Tonto Dike’s ‘Hi’ Video Has Been Shot


If you thought Tonto Dike was going to give in to your boos and criticism, you may have to wait forever. Tonto Dike never backs out of a fight. She loves the attention that comes with scandals, and she uses the attention to her advantage.

After dropping her new singles and she was greeted with all sorts of comments; “WTF?”, “na by force to sing?” “This is pathetic”…come on! I don’t have to spell it all out here, you know what your reaction was to her singles, but Tonto as you now know gives no da** what you think. In fact, her fans increase with more criticism.

I imagined Tonto Dike announcing the release of her video this way; “For you haters, it’s your funeral. But for my great fans, the good news is I have released the video of my lovely single, ‘Hi’”. Typical of Tonto Dike, uh?

Tonto Dike has finished shooting the video of her single ‘Hi’ and she is proud of her achievement.

According to her producers, the ‘Hi’ video tries to show the difference in her dual characters Tonto Dike and Poko. You’d see Tonto Dance like you’ve never seen her do in the video. The video directed by Gbemi Phillips was shot in high definition and reportedly gulped Tonto’s millions of Naira.


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