Emotional: President Jonathan Addresses Super Eagles on Facebook


President Jonathan and his team reacted swiftly to the victory of Super Eagles, posting this short, but emotional letter on Facebook:

“I am overjoyed at the stunning victory of the Super Eagles which has seen Nigeria emerge as the champions of the African Cup of Nations, 2013.

“Well done Patriots, you have done Nigeria proud.

“2013 is obviously the year of Nigeria.

“We have emerged as a beacon of hope on the African continent by proving to Africa and the world that a strong Nigerian team put together and trained by a Nigerian coach can stand the test of time and successfully rise to the challenge of a most formidable opponent.

“The Nigerian spirit stands strong and steady as we march to the destination of greatness. I doff my fedora hat to this great squad that has brought laughter and happiness to our homes.

“Nigerians are grateful. We thank God. We thank you.

— GEJ”


  1. I so much Thank God we made it, truely “Mba” made the name; super eagles to b clear to me as he flies with the ball to the net. They have made us proud the sky shall be our limit in the name of our lord Jesus amen.

  2. Thanks mr President, we thank god and our super eagle for making us proud. If those home base players can bring laugh to the face of nigerians, i dont see any reason mr President cant do the same…… Nigerian were suffer i mean serious poverty, pls do something about this.

  3. God is the doer… He is the beginning and the End.. He knows the end at the beginning… He never fails for whatsoever He promised He wuld do He wuld perfect it… Super Eagle you’ve done well…. Nigeria shall revive in Jesus Name Amen

  4. This has not just brought joy and togetherness to every Nigerian both home and abroad, it has ushered in a new Nigeria with hope and great expectations. Mr President let’s this victory unite us more and translate to our economy and progress of our beloved country. Long live Nigeria