How To Enjoy Being Single


Being single is not a curse, it does not have to be a lonely period of one’s life. It is really a time to fall in love with oneself and be happy at that. Blessing Ukemena writes

Whether you are just coming out of a relationship or you never had one, being single can really be  a funny experience. Many of us take this time for granted therefore we are so afraid of being alone. Because of this, we sometimes take the wrong guy or girl into our lives just to be with ‘someone’. It does not have to be that way.

By spending majority of the time looking for the right man in a relationship, of course, what we, as single women, often fail to realize is that our time as singles is not meant to be spent looking for a relationship. This time spent as single is one of the most valuable times in our adult lives. Why? Because this is the time we can get to know who we are, and who we were created to be.

This is the time we will build and establish our self-worth and discover what makes us happy without compromise. Here are some ways to enjoying being single

Ignore the norm
The society says we must always be in a relationship. Ignore this. In a couple-driven society, you’re bound to come across people who wonder why you’re single, as if the ultimate goal in life is to pair up with another human being and cling to that as if life depends on it.

They might even imply that something is “wrong” with you if you’re single. Brace yourself for that kind of ignorance. Remember that you don’t have to defend your right for being single, just change the subject nicely.

Focus on friendship
Being single doesn’t have to mean being lonely. When you’re single, you have more time to do a variety of things, all of which are opportunities to forge new friendships. Even if you’re an introvert, this can be an excellent time to nurture your extroverted side.

But social butterflies can grapple with loneliness too. Make it a priority in your life to create meaningful friendships and enrich your existing ones.

Enjoy your freedom
Everybody has radical little fantasies…and the chances of pairing up with someone whoshares such a fantasy with equal fervor is not something to hold your breath for. So, what are you waiting for? Find some people who have the same idea, or just go for it alone, and you’ll meet like-minded people along the way.

Appreciate the absence of compromise.
Have you noticed that when you are out of a relationship, you finally discover yourself? Classic relationship advice dictates that compromise, sacrifice are essential to a healthy relationship. Perhaps if you’ve been in a relationship before, you will realize how much stuff you had to give up in order to make that relationship work.

Or maybe you forgot about that stuff, because you’re focused on the things you miss. Well, this is a good time to shift that focus. If you’re a slob, isn’t it great to be able to leave your stuff laying around, without anybody minding? If you’re a neat freak, isn’t it wonderful to be able to organize everything, and find it the way you left it? I

sn’t it nice to be able to cook and eat and enjoy foods alone or soak in the bathtub without looking at the time? Isn’t it cool to be able to go out spontaneously without wondering whether your partner can or should be invited ? A relationship can add many good things to your life, but it also adds some rigidity, so take the time to appreciate your current flexibility.

Cherish the excitement
Relationships tend to come along with planning–for example, you can’t just accept a job across the country without checking with your significant other. And generally, if you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll likely talk about what you’ll be doing years from now.

But when you’re single, the future is completely open. Today you’re at your desk, and a year from now you might be camping in Hawai. Right now you’re single, but tomorrow you might meet your soul-mate. Be spontaneous..

Being married is a “lifestyle choice” and not a “requirement.”
Therefore, being single is a “lifestyle choice” and not a “default option.” It is possible to CHOOSE to be single. There are advantages to being married just as there are disadvantages to being married, such as loss of personal freedom, having to compromise, etc.

Conversely, there are advantages to being single, as well as disadvantages. Whether one is married or single is nothing more than a lifestyle choice.