‘I love Nigeria but am not a Nigerian’ – Tonto Dikeh

Controversial actress turned controversial musician is here again with her ever controversial statements. The twitter has always been her delivery point for media breaking utterations that gears fans to some awkward reactions. One cannot help but wonder what Tonto Dikeh is saying here. Check out the replies she got after the tweet



  1. ‘I wonder why gud gurl gon bad’ Tonto; u waz once my favourite when it comes to screen, but u messed urself up buy forcing urself in Wht u are not gud in, nd being rude, u f**ked urself up Dats why even we 9jas are not by urself again, if u tired of 9ja go hug transformer! Bitch!

  2. Mst guys dat coment earlier allll of u. Are. Foolish human being. Wen she sed what was n her mind what’s ur biz if u know u dnnt have any reasonable advice why not jjust goo thru and keep quiet God go punish all of u guys. Abusing. Her and calling her names for d fact dat u guys are filthy rag she still entertain u on TV and am kok sure she can feed ur families over decades to come. U don’t have aa hoouse , no car, no future except for Toto free one to fuck and most of u wuld be graduate? If so what has Nigerian done for u after school I tink its d govt responsiblity we don’t even hav to lobbby is our right has a citizen o get Job without hassle u are now here boastin over corruption deep eaten country I even wonder if some of u know the kind of image nigeria portrayed around the coontinent? Lair, thiefs, coorruption unstable ntion, stupis leaderss and so on. And. U ar there boastin of nigeriia. Wen u see a true citizen of America their Slogan is GOD BLESS AMERICA what. Can u sa aout nigeria. Adulkareem idris has sed it alll. U are now criticisin her cos she sed she’s not a nigerian Tonto ls claim wherever u so desire God go punish the leaders and fools like u in nigeria. Even in isreal n little ting they protest. Here we can’t always afraid of fightin for our right. #Oloribusan gbogbo aye yin ma baje ni ti e ba tun da si oro omo en tontoo dike#

  3. Who this fool talking shit bout people’s comments… Like shut the fuck up nigga!!! People are expressing their honest view about a Nigerian who claims she’s not one… And u there talking rubbish… Like get a life nigga, u obviously frustrated with ur own life, else u wouldn’t be bringing in government usual problems here… That said; Toto Dick Or Tonto diK whatever ur name is, tweets like this are what shows that girls like u are passing through a hard time in their lifes, but don’t deny ur country gal, we all Nigerias, and together we can make Nigeria a great nation! Even if u are not fully a nigerian, u are part of us now! Black Americans were not born Americans in the first place, they were slaves, like everyone knows re story… So either u or ur mum and dad saw something green in Nigeria that u’ve been in Nigeria all the while, so accept ur fate as a Nigerian no matter what!!! And besides I don’t think Tonto meant “she’s not a Nigerian”, I think she meant what she said that “her heart is not in Nigeria”. Love y’all…

  4. Who da hell is dis lesbian toto did dey tell u dat we ar homosexuals here i no wat is eating u up bcus nigerian refused to legalise lesbian to allow u and tonto dike to be misbehaving god dint create ada and eve he created adam and eve so if u can no adat in nigerian like a normal human bien just put ur dead body in tiolet and flush ur stinking body out of nigeria if u dnt like us goat

  5. Tonto dike has opend her secreat and spoilt herself by acting her real nature of life in da movie we all no u are a lesbian and u hate nigerian 4 not legalising it pls its not our fault da fault trives frm u wh want to live ur life like a dog i no its pains u wen u dnt have free access to seduce our ladies in da country pls get da fuk out of here to US were u can do dat freely and stop condeming my country naija bcus we still luv our country hipocrete like u old dum like u

  6. Lol why are Nigerians going crazy on this statement. You Nigerians are crazy let Tonto Dikeh say whatever she wants to say. Aremu Rebecca Abiola, you think Tonto Dikeh is a disgrace to Nigeria, hmmm that is interesting. I believe Tonto Dikeh is just speaking her mind which is her right not only as a Nigerian but as an African, wait there is more. She is also speaking as a citizen of this world, of this universe. So if you she says I love Nigerian but I do not feel like a Nigeria, she is right because Nigeria is not the only country in Africa, Africa is not the only continent in the world and the universe is big. People stop getting angry on little issues when there are bigger fish to fry. Tonto Dikeh, if they think you are controversial, they have not met the King of kings, the lord of lords Etchu John Ayuk Jr. I think the president of Nigeria is no leader and that is what Nigerians need to pay more attention to rather than such trivial statement by an actress. As an Africa I will tell all Nigerians to wake up and look beyond the trivial issues, look into the bigger issues. I am GOD.

  7. Tonto !! I remember I used to like her part in movies well! Who knows what ‘s come over her? but for her tweet! I see nothing wrong with it! Her heart is not Nigerian ! so what? She’s entitled to her funny feeling !

  8. i wonder Y Blogs and websites are making this lady porpular. such statement or words are not suppose to even make headlines. she’s yearning for attention and the media is giving her that and its a pity

  9. Hmmmm now i know English is really difficult for some persons……..or is it dat pple dont take tym to understand wat someone is sayin b4 criticizing them? pls commentors have a deep thought nd digest pple’s update b4 commenting, she said nd i quote “i love Nigeria buh am nt a Nigerian by hrt”this statement does not necessarily mean she’s not a Nigerian.That statement could mean dat she doesnt like some practical traits in the Nigerian Economy buh i tell you her statement has been clearly nd largely missunderstood.THINK DEEP PPLE ND LETS STOP BEING SHALLOW…

  10. All of you that commented here calling the girl names are all bunch of porcines and miscreants! Dammit what makes any of you any better than her? Whoever gave you the right to judge your fellow human? Nymphos! Judge not lest ye be judged! Word!