“I Made You Who You Are Today”: Wizkid And Banky W In Intense Fight On Twitter


Wizkid And Banky W In Intense Fight: “I Made You Who You Are Today”

Nigerian artist Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid and his former boss, Banky W of EME are currently in a very tough fight.

Few weeks ago, Wizkid dumped Banky W’s record label to start his own company tagged “Star Boy Entertainment”.

On Friday, Wizkid showed up at Banky W’s love concert that took place at the Civic Center in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Wizkid and his girlfriend, Omotayo showed up as regular guests but the star boy wasn’t comfortable throughout his stay.

He was spotted with his head bowed all through the concert.

Minutes later, we learnt star boy walked out of the event with his girlfriend without talking to any of his label mates.

Few hours ago, the pair engaged each other in a tough war of words on Twitter.

See the tweets below.

Banky W said:

Am not gonna pretend like your absence from the team would not be felt, you will be replaced by a better artiste

Never knew you were such an ingrate, I made you who you are today and that fact is something you can never deny. Wish you all the best

Wizkid Replied with:

I can never be replaced, you mistook my loyalty for stupidity so don’t get mad that I’ve decided to move on with my life Going live on Ustream in a bit #TeamWizkid lets get it!

The tweets have been deleted.

Heya Banky is feeling the impact of the star boy. Who go settle the fight now?


    • Wizkid GOD had said it servant will not be in house forever, u can go and look for ur own but don’t forget the hand that feeded u

  1. I love banky w, but I hate when men begins to take the glory of God, how could he use the words, am the one that made u who you are today! Banky should shut the trap, it wasn’t him, it was God who used banky to help wiskid!

  2. everything has a season,there is always time to serve and time to be on ur own,i think its time to allow wizkid move on but they both have to do it maturely without quarrels…however thank u banky for helping wizkid but now please allow him to be cos he want to….i think he will not be happy if he continue to stay under u making thins unpleasant..thank u

  3. Banky d Banky, plz take back ur words, u’r nt God, u should be happy dat u hv brought a star up 2 his level, anyway ur boy wizkid has made his choice so let him be nd only wish him goodluck cus we al knw dat ur work done is stil taged on his face!

  4. Please people Wizzy only asked for an improved contract which is very reasonable. All the bosses I know nowadays don’t want the success of people under them. If he’s worth the deal give it to the young lad and if not let him go.

  5. Some times a man needs to act like a man… I guess wiskid has been a loyal guy to banky buh now I guess he has ryt to do wot ever he wants .. Banky u av done ur part, let the badest guy live his own life and dream… Dnt hate him buh pray for him..

  6. If dis story is true, I tink banky shld 4get d boi. Small boiz of nw adays ® afta moni lack of focus…. He will stil realise is mistake one day

  7. Dear Wizkid, once a master> always a master. Though u hav to be a man(be on ur own) dats for sure. I advice u go for apology, for he who throws d stone away after using it to break carnal, shall live to eat carnal again. Banky i think u’ve groom him to his best, and now is d best time to let him go, and remember dat dialogue is d best. Make sure u accept his apology.

  8. No one is indispensable; I tink they can go on their separate ways without lapses. You ‘r both successful artistes; There shouldn’t b any discrepancy here nor hurling odd statements @ each other; I believed that’s how God want it, if not the issue wud av been resolved b4 now. Be matured please; I luv u guys so much.

  9. Ones a. Boss , always a boss…… Wizkid should go apologise and make banky see why he should be on his own and not act like an in great.

  10. Passin thru banky is lyk passin thru sec sch. Wizkid haz graduated from sec sch(eme). Banky(principal) should be proud dat wizkid(student) wuz d best in waec&jamb(awards).wizkid should also come 4 old students meetin(collabos)……..starboy.

  11. Let him go cos iz a Destiny child…..u Banky, as u r sayin u made Wizy wat he iz 2day, so d little Wizy haz also made u wat u re reapin 2day….nobody recognised you b4 until wizy join your crew, he brought you to d public nd he made pple 2 recognised you…..so be Thankful tu Wizy nd pray 4 him.

  12. let say the truth, banky w, no body know(s) you before is until when ayo balogun A.K.A (WIZKID) join your crew that is when people started knowing you so it dos’nt mean that you should be fighting him, he wanna start his own entertainment and if you observed wizkid is telling you that he is no more a kid to handle the stuffs, so it will beter to leave the boy alone and let him move ahead with his destination and what let see what exactly would happen next, i knew is good thing that continue to happen even than ever before……..!

  13. Well Banky W, why do u want to chatter the good u ve done bcos of pride? If God’s will is that Wizkid shld be in his current position, someone else ll do it if u hadn’t. So swallow ur pride, all the glory belongs to Jehovah!

  14. wizkid,dnt b rude to ur boss evn if u want to leave d group u can as well do it in a matured way .Remember dt if nt for God and for banky u wldnt av bn known .Pls,u guys shld settle ds amicably and i blv dt u re both goin places.As for banky,see wizkid as ur bro and alws b dr for him anytime he coms ard u.Let him go and sort tins out for himself,dnt take it personal abeg.He can neva fgt u in his life,lov u both.

  15. No mortal can make anybody anything in life… It’s Only God that can make smbody wteva he likes.
    BW shld seek for God forgiveness for makin dt statement, cos it may lead to his downfall..
    U dont knw whether it’s for ur promotion dt it happened dt WK left ur record label..
    God knows best anyway!!

  16. Shhhh. For every young star most have God father So wiz kid shut da fuck you a still a kid Banky made you…………For every boy Boss start as servant…….you a still servant wen banky is presence……..

  17. Banky see u can’t say u made hm wat he is 2day bcos at first its GOD dat elevate sumone and GOD used u for wizkid.secondly u both help each other cos as for me i don’t knw u had any label,bt i knw u b4,so it was wizkids talent dat GOD used to bring u up more dan b4 under ur label.and if u do nt help hm anoda person wud cos wizkid is destined to be great as we can all see.SO BROS LET HIM BE GOD WILL HELP U BOTH

  18. [email protected] statement”I made him who he is”.see dear, banky even if u didn’t help him he will still be who he is cos God will use anoda person or way 2 help wizkid.cos datz his destiny.know z hard 2 let go of a servin boy buh pls let go witout hrd feelings.he can’t be under u 4 ever!!time 2 move on 4 mai star boy!

  19. Wizkid u re such an imgrate aman dat really love u 2 dat ztent u re naw doing dis 2 im z nt fear ..u want 2 use d-banj as ur mentor u re nt fit 2 witstand d-banj so chew……..u lk 2 form as much….sooner davido wil b ur bab a cos ur sponsor man z no more their u dis small boy……….4get dat banky z feeling…u z just dat it wl definately b….coz he didn t xpect dat childish act 4rm u……..u re kidding buh…..u knw wat davido wil surely win d race @ last….up sina-rambo

  20. Come on guys u pple need 2 sort dat problem…but i know “when an oil drops on the floor it can’t be retain”am an upcoming artiste by the grace of God….i will drop my first single around march/april i really wanted to join the BADDEST BOYS “EME” but i better back off coz of the problem those guys are having,well ama chill wit “DEM MAMA RECORD” …….am KENTISCO…..17YRS up coming artiste

  21. Banky w, you r d real man, dnt be worry abt wiz kid, he is stil a boy and i knw he got d wrong adviser, banky u r still d bomb in nigerian musician. you r really doin a gud job.

  22. Wizkid has gotten what he want and forget who brought him up from secondary skul which is very bad i wil adverse him to think twice banky God will bless you for helpin someone like that it is not easy no mata wot ppl say you are the best.

  23. It doesn’t matter what the rift between this two are ryt nw, I jst feel at d ryt tym the fyr wil go out n d smoke will die. Life goes on for the two. Every journey gets on to a destination.

  24. it’s a comon truth ppl do say that ‘surely one day an apprentice wl bcom his/her boss.as 4 Banky w he sud undrstand d fact dt z only an instrument God usd 4 wizy’greaatnez nd notin else.

  25. Banky W,u did a perfect job on him and his history can neva be told without mentioning ur name.God bless u 4 dat.
    As 4 u wizkid,no one is against u been on ur own but dat is nt d way to present the issue.Dat is total arrogant,am nt surprise u small boys of nwadays,when u hav little cash u see urself as smth.Be wise n’ stop ur rudeness.Wat BW has known,u can’t knw it all,nt a curse but a fact.U still hav a long way to go only if u plan wisely and seek advice.DON’T EAT MORE DAN U CAN CHEW.

  26. Banky w,plz dont say that you made WIZKID who he is today, bec you help him and he help u, Right, as for me i dont know that u had a record label b4.so dont pray for his downfall, bec they is time to serve and they is time for man to be on his own so let him on his own.

  27. Banky w,plz dont say that you made WIZKID who he is today, bec you help him and he help u, Right, as for me i dont know that u had a record label b4.so dont pray for his downfall, bec they is time to serve and they is time for man to be on his own so let him be on his own.

  28. D only tin i av 2 say abt d 2 guy banky nd wizkid is jux dat wizkid is so proud even wen he is EME an 4 banky i luv him bcuz God use him 2 mk wizzy wat he his 2day and d risn wizzy left EME it bcuz he fil dat he is d head der… If nt dat little misunderstamdin wil nt av made him live EME 4 any risn…dat wat i av 2 say oh

  29. Fazaz or wot eva ur name is. Banky ws a wel knwn artist whr wr u wen he sang ebute metta. Wel wizkid dnt be ungrateful an adage says dat’wen a child falls a tree on d eldrs knws whr its gng 2 fall’ so wizkid tink twice once a boss is alwaz a boss so tink twice.

  30. y will wizkid said dis 2 banky w?… Pls i want both of u 2 be 2gether no mata wot happon. And banky try and 4give him…

  31. Wel banky w did nt sopoz 2 say dat he ws d 1 dat maks wizzkid wat he is 2day,bcus every help cms 4rm GOD nd it ws tru smbdy dat banky w b wh he is 2day.so der’s tym 4 evrytin,der’s tym 2 sow nd tym to reap nd GOD hv siad dat dis is d tym dat wizzkid sopoz 2 b on hs own.so inrespet of anytin dat cause d seperation shal gt 2 amendment even i am an upcoming artist,i hv don my first single since november last yer so i pray dat as i am preparing 2 muv 4da dat GOD wil help me nd oda upcomers.{AMEN} u can contact me wit dis number 08163715086 *JPART*

  32. He is nt supose 2leav lik dat,ders a saying{ a child shuld nt bite d finger dat feed him} @list tel him 1st i want 2sign anoda contract wit so so person & c his reaction 1st,he may even giv him tips 2go wit.as u saying u hate upcomers,if u dnt help dem someone else wil do.

  33. Luk banky w or wat ur name ,wat have u don 4 wizkid dat u r callim him an ingrate.luk wizkid u d best just continue …………they try 2 throw u punch but i swear they no fit o…..20 men shall fll dat day if dey cross ur lane…..dont worry wizkid it all jealosy….dont mind dem ………

  34. Well well well Banky w before i will interfare in this issue. Two of you most learn that a tree cannot make a forest, i know that two of you have succeeded in making a goodfriendship, but there is still something left, i know that nothing last forever, but you have to remember that the country Nigeria today is our fight, why are you fighting each other for nothing, pls pls pls banky w and wizkid i WANT both of you to be one again, forget about what people says or even if you want to be on your own wizkid pls you know the right thing to do, pls wizkid go for apology forget everything leave them for God. I LOVE YOU ALL!

  35. Wizkid nur get sense at all. Hw cn sumbdy datx baba banky w assetin u since, nd leta u departd 4rm him. Banky w made wizkid wuh is wuh 2day. Wizkid 4uck up.

    • Bw, if i won’t lie sir i don’t know you before until wizkid joined your group and realized his first album, so i’m sorry to say this wizkid made your star shine and God used him for your star so that you can help him and you have to thank him he really tried for you oh and for that statement that you made him a star, that is a capital lie not small at all cos you are not his creator and you are not God not that i don’t appreciate how you helped him and i’m sure that he appreciate too but God used you to help him and if you don’t help another will help so you have to thank God that he made you to help someone so you have to ask God for forgiveness cos God helped you to help wizkid and for you wizkid you have to be patient that is human being for you if they help they must use it to abuse you, so i beg you Bw pls take wk as your blood and don’t hate him pls cos God knows the reason why he make both of you together pls sir permit wizkid a freedom MAY GOD BE WITH BOTH OF YOU (AMEN)


  37. i love wiskid bt not wat he did to banky w, wiskid is a boy dat racin his hands more dan were de are.wat wiskid did is bad.he should go and apologiace to banky w very fast.am alhaji w space 2

  38. I tink there is no need 4 all diz,i tink whn it time d both of dm wil settle there problm jt lyk whn da both startnd non of us where there so allow dm,as 4 u wizzy,i dnt tink u where sopose 2 replie [email protected] text he sent 2 u,even if 4 nfin bt 4 da respect,bt if i where u mr W,I wil let da youngman go if he insist..2 avoid wat d housa pepple call RENI-WAYO ur stil my [email protected] w.

  39. Baba wizzy u shulda have gven banky w some respect,becos he was part of the people who helped u to raise ur career.bt banky shuldnt say he made u who u are,becos he is nt God and nt u.u ned an apology for dat.pls u ned to settle ur misunderstandings to make ur swt fans happy.

  40. banky w put a stop to all dis fight u are just an angel dat God sent to him for help it is not by ur grace neither by his u are not d one who made him wat he his today it is God’s grace.

  41. Actually somebody need to be moved forward, but u needn’t to be rude to your benefactor. There is away u can handle this case not in this manner. Show him some sign of respect, I’m very sure is a mad man is going to hold his breath and let u go. Wizkid heeds this guy!

  42. for me is not Good for Wizkid to leave Banky w without letting him, because Banky help wizkid, But for u banky time is for anybody, this is the time for wizkid to leave like man, So banky w u have to forgive wizkid for making a mistake without telling u that he living EME and take him close to u, and stop praying for he downfall. thank as u do So (Amen). for u wizkid done make a mistake again without telling ur that u want to go because I love u with ur star boy


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