Ice Prince Now Dating Yvonne Nelson After Dumping Yvonne Nwosu


It was recently in the news that Chocolate City rapper, Ice Prince has broken up with designer Yvonne Nwosu, or maybe Yvonne Nwosu dumped him. Whichever it happened, what matters is they aren’t together anymore, and it is because Ice Prince is now dating Yvonne Nelson.

Sources say Yvonne Nelson and Ice Prince dated briefly last year before she met Iyanya, the guy who disowned her publicly, so to say. If Yvonne Nelson couldn’t find love with Iyanya, she thought it could be hidden with the Choc City boy who she recently featured in one of her movies, and sadly it was at the expense of her name sake Yvonne Nwosu who has now declared her new single status on Twitter.

Ice Prince and Yvonne Nelson
Ice Prince and Yvonne Nelson

According to sources, Ice Prince and Yvonne Nelson were spotted together at celebrity stylist Nancy’s birthday party at her Lekki home on February 16. They were said to be all over each other throughout their stay at the party.

Way to go Ice Prince! It’s Yvonne for Yvonne.




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