If He Exhibits These Signs In Bed, Then He Is A Keeper


Lets help you identify that one you should keep. Oh yes we are all so kind. You met him, he’s a great listener, keeps good conversation, laughs at the right jokes, is a real gentleman and he is a great romantic.

But for him to get an A, he has to pass excellently well in bedmatics. Now how do you know from your first encounter that he is a keeper? Follow us;


1.  Pace not race: he has barely kissed your neck or gotten you ready and now he’s aiming for the pack of condom and getting ready to ease into you and you begin to wonder, has the foreplay even started yet? If it is your first time doing it and he is like this, then maybe he wants the booty more than he wants you. If he won’t take his time to please you but would rather rush through it just for his own pleasure then girl, he is not a keeper. You could call him for sèx once a while maybe.


2.  Does he kiss well: as old fashioned and boring as kissing may sound, it is the gateway to the “kingdom”. A man who doesn’t kiss you but head straight for your buttons while looking for the fastest means to stick his thing into you is one you shouldn’t be keeping. Ditch him.


3.  Does he listen: he should be able to take his time to please you, while you have your foreplay, he shouldn’t just eat away your vagina like orange or watermelon, he should ask you gently if you like it, watch your reaction as he gently pleases you to know how his moves are making you feel. Your response should determine whether he goes on or not. If he does this, then you should be considering keeping him.


4.  Ladies first: even in the bedroom and under the sheets while you guys are naked, yes. He shouldn’t just push your head down and demand for a blow job, that’ll only be acceptable if he picked you off the road on Lagos Island or wherever for a sum. When he makes love to you, he should take the lead, pleasure you and guide you to reciprocate. We are talking about the first time here ladies! That guy gotta work!


5.  And after the party: what happens after the “show”? does he grab his phone, make a phone call, while he walks into the bathroom to freshen up? or does he back you, remove the condom and falls into a deep sleep while he snores like a lion? If this is his immediate reaction, then you know your answer.

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