If The Fight Against Corruption Was Serious, Otedola Should Have Been In Prison With Lawan – Gov. Aliyu

Muazu-Babangida-Aliyu1Niger State governor Babangida Aliyu has advised those plotting the break-up of Nigeria to desist because people who fought for the country’s corporate existence are still alive.

Aliyu who was a special guest on a programme, “Guest of the Week,” aired by liberty FM Kaduna on Sunday, said that majority of Nigerians do not support disintegration.

“Niger gave birth to the name Nigeria through the River and we will continue to work towards ensuring that Nigeria remains one and united.

“All groups especially in the North and the country at large must unite and understand the meaning of peace and respect everybody’s faith. God knows why our faiths are different. If He wants us to be all Muslims we will all be Muslims. If he wants us to be all blacks, we will all be black,” Aliyu said.

The Niger State governor also used the opportunity to call on Nigerians of northern extraction to unite.

“We must go back to the grass root and mobilise ourselves for the common goal. Traditional leaders, community leaders and everybody must unite because God created us differently for a purpose.”

Speaking on corruption, Aliyu condemned a process where Mr. Femi Otedeola who claimed to have given bribe to Rep. Farouk Lawal is walking freely while the lawmaker was sent to prison.

“Otedola should also be in prison with Lawal if we are serious about the fight against corruption and unless it was an arrangement with the police. If the police gave him money to give to Lawal, then they should explain to us. But if there was no arrangement of such, then Otedeola ought to be in prison too,” Aliyu said.


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