Instead of Telling the EFCC to Do Their Job, Why not Do Yours? Alao-Akala’s Aide to Ajimobi

Senator Ajimobi, Oyo State Governor
Senator Ajimobi, Oyo State Governor

Mr Abraham Ojo, media aide to former governor of Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala, has called the bluff of the Oyo state government, following the decision of the Governor Abiola Ajimobi-led government to remind the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to expedite the prosecution of erstwhile governors in the state.

Alao-Akala’s aide has described this as “a sign of fear on the side of the current administration in the state.” The aide, in a statement made available to the Nigerian Tribune, said “it is both amusing and ludicrous that Ajimobi and his cohorts can debate and pass a resolution urging the EFCC to expedite the prosecution of erstwhile governors of the state… As a matter of fact, the EFCC needs nobody to remind or urge it to perform its constitutional duties, therefore, it boils down to idleness to sit in the hallowed chambers and resolve to call on the EFCC to do its job without being prompted by anybody.”

The statement further added that as a governor of the pace setter state, “it seems Ajimobi is jittery and afraid of Alao-Akala over his superlative performances while in office,” adding that “his call to EFCC on Alao-Akala is nothing but a wishful thinking.”

The statement also added that there were salient issues that deserved the attention of the government instead of passing a resolution to agency of the Federal Government, adding that “Alao-Akala remains unshaken and unperturbed with this subtle move to influence the course of prosecution.”

Source: Tribune


  1. What a laughable response from Akala! Can he compare his workless, corruption-full and clueless administration with Ajimobi’s?? The difference is Too clear to ignore! Why would Akala be perturbed? His antecedent while he’s in the force speak volume of his recklessness and maneuvering.
    Jail awaits Akala….

    • They are same-same. Do not speak too soon. Ajimobi might also be joining in the EFCC net soonest, going by the N1.3bn scandal against his Administration.


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