Jonathan Is To Blame For Insecurity – OBJ

GEJ_ObasanjoNot one to shy away from controversy or say how he feels on national issues, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is one who has persistently remained a thorn in the flesh of the current administration as he has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of mismanaging the security issues engulfing the country.

Obasanjo expressed this view in an exclusive interview published in the February issue of the pan-African magazine, New African. Obasanjo also laid the blame for the deteriorating situation caused by the insurgent Boko Haram at the foot of President Jonathan.

“If the President is the chief security officer of the country and there is a security problem, where do you go for the solution? And if that solution is not coming from the chief security officer, who else inside and outside will get a solution? He has the responsibility to solve the problem, and nobody else should be blamed but him.”

In the same interview, the Ota farmer also challenged claims made by Nigerian literary giant, Chinua Achebe, regarding the country’s civil war in the 1960s. Obasanjo refuted claims that successive Nigerian administrations have marginalized the Igbo ethnic group within the country.

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“Maybe he is making those remarks because he is not living in Nigeria. If he was living in Nigeria, when I was the president of this country, an Igbo lady was my Minister of Finance, and Igbo man was the Governor of the Central Bank; an Igbo man was one of the military service chiefs. The permanent representative to the UN was also an Igbo person. What more do you want? For someone to say the civil war has not ended, 40 years after its conclusion, that person is living in the past.”


  1. Obasanjo is talking rubbish. He is talking purely for selfish purposes, just to remain relevant etc. He might as well give his advices quietly without going to press who he treats like scum when its against him.He has always been an Igbo hater and you cannot ignore the ingenuity of the Igbo person in a country like Nigeria. Obasanjo ruled this country for 8 years and did not solve anything moreso unemployement of youths. So he has no moral right to put all rubbish of insecurity on Jonathan.That is most unfair and unfortunate. We are wiser and no one can fool us again. Both Obasanjo, Jonarhan are not the messiahs we are looking for. They are all corrupt and defenders of corruption and corrupt associates.

  2. I think its high time we tell ourselves the truth. Jonathan should take the issue of security seriously. Obasanjo is saying the reality. Must we continue to die like ants?. Obasanjo is never again Igbos because, Jonathan would’nt have be president without him. On the issue of marginalization, nobody is marginalizing anyone in Nigeria. As far as am concern, no succesive administrations in Nigeria that Igbos did not take a prominent position including; Governors, senators & representatives of their constituencies. Who is then marginalizing who?. Lets face the insecurity squarely like Obasanjo to Odi and Kastina-ala, like Yara’dua granting armnesty to Militants. Let Jonathan embark on his own conflict resolutions and let us sleep with our eyes closed. Look at the numbers Corps members we have lost, look at numbers of children on the streght who are fatherless, what of women with dreams who are widow. Jonathan we dont all has access to mobile policemen, we need security please.

  3. Jonathan doesn’t have to die because of boko haram! We know that those guys are been sponsored. If there get the ransome there want, another terror group will emerge. All he needs to do is strengthen the security agencies which I know he is doing by adding electronic security devices to the nigerian security system simple. Please let us let him be!!


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