Kaduna State Gov Laments Muslims/Christians Dichotomy… Sues For Peace, Unity

Ramalan YeroThe deep-seated suspicion between Muslims and Christians in Kaduna state was brought to the fore yesterday when officials of the Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna, paid a courtesy call on the state governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero.

Governor Yero lamented that the recurring crises between adherents of both religions had divided the state into two with Christians and Muslims staying in different parts; a development he said is negatively affecting the state.

“Kaduna town is divided into two, it wasn’t like this before. For some years now, the town has been divided. The town is divided from the River Kaduna bridge.

“The Muslims are staying on one side while the Christians are staying at the other side. This is not good for development. This thing is not going to help us. Right now, any Christian who is coming from the other side to where the Muslims are, will dress in Muslim attire. Likewise, any Muslim, who is going to the Christians dominated side, will have to wear cloth that will portray him/her like one of them. This is not going to help us. It is high time we go back to the way we were. We lived together peacefully before now,” he said.

While stressing that no meaningful development will take place in an atmosphere devoid of unity, Yero urged the people of the state to tolerate one another irrespective of their differences.

“For us to move forward, people must be allowed to practise their religion anywhere they find themselves. We must all live together. We are all serving the same God, and we must serve Him in a peaceful way,” he stressed.

Yero also pledged to partner with the centre to promote religious tolerance among people of the state.