Kennis Music Releases Press Statement On Goldie Harvey’s Death


Nigerians and indeed, the entertainment industry was shocked to learn of the sudden demise of Susan Oluwa Bimpe Harvey popularly called Goldie on Valentine’s Day. While many wished, hoped and prayed that the story will turn out to be a hoax, despite wide reportage on blogs, a press statement issued by the President of Kennis Music (Goldie’s Record Label), Keke Ogungbe, midnight Thursday, confirmed the news.

The statement reads:
“With a deep sense of loss, we announce the shocking death of our darling music star, Goldie Harvey. Goldie, 31, died on Thursday after she complained of a severe headache shortly after her arrival from the United States where she went to witness the Grammy Award. She was rushed from her Park View, Ikoyi, Lagos residence to her official hospital, Reddington, Victoria Island, Lagos where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival at exactly 7:30pm in the evening.
“We consider this period a gloomy moment for us and the entire Nigerian music industry in view of the circumstance in which she passed away; the abundance of talent she exhibited in her short but eventful music career and the various opportunities her trip to the United States of America would have availed her.
“She is survived by her father, step- mother, brothers and sisters.
“We deeply sympathise with her family and fans all over the world and very grateful to all and sundry, especially, the vibrant Nigerian media for their concern and prompt reportage. We shall keep everybody informed as events unfold as we are devastated by the sudden loss.
“Meanwhile, the remains of Goldie who hails from Ekiti State has been deposited at the mortuary of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos” the statement concludes.



  1. This is a lesson to all of us that death is closer than we think.repent mow and give your life to Christ now.2morrow may be too late.May she find rest in the bosom of the Lord…

  2. It is appointed unto man once to die anD after death judgement. Jesus is the way the truth and the man comes unto God except tru him. My friend u are only guaranteed eternal life tru Jesus. Is he d lord of ur soul.? So many are wishing they could come bak and make better choices.. What choice r u making today? Give ur life to Him.. He loves you.. Death is inevitable.. But a second death is your choice..Jesus trully loves you..I wish I can say much but I pray God touches ur heart..

  3. This is shocking, scary hmm… I still can’t believe it! Well, like an earlier comment says, make ur way ready because u never can tell when u’ll leave. U have a choice not to die the second death. Jesus will never reject u no matter how bad ur life is. Just make that decision to let Jesus have ur life. GOD HELP US! Hey!

  4. Jesus Ȋ̝̊̅§  way,Truth and Life…No1 cometh to  father xcept tru HIM.. It Ȋ̝̊̅§ high time we looked back on our lives and turn α̇̇̇ new leaf..2morow mit jux b 2late…It oly ı Christ we an find eternal Rest…In all we do,we shud always remember that Christ Loves us and wants us 2be save..ın oda not 2 b condemned eternally…

  5. How I wish she was married with kids b4 her death coz I like her.. Vanity upon vanity is dis world, May ur soul rest in peace. People, let us accept Jesus Christ as Lord Ąπϑ personal savor coz life is short nobody know 2moro Ąπϑ always do good.

  6. As d bible says in d book of eccl 3,their is time for everytin,a time 2 be born nd a time 2 die.pls my fellow artists no matter d type of song u sing pls seek ye d kingdom of God nd his righteousness nd anyother thing will be added unto u.may her soul rest in peace.

  7. Huuh! From LA 2 d mortuary? Vanity. The best life is surrendering to & serving JESUS CHRIST sincerely here so as 2 be sure of eternity in heaven bcos at death that is all dt‘ll matter & not fame or volume of bank account. Well, may GOD console all d pple she left behind.

  8. goldie gone?????how?when?why?Questions u cant find answers to,Its high time we surrender all 2 Christ Jesus cos its appointed unto man 2 die nd after dat the judgement THIS IS REAL


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