Keshi Reveals How His Wife Punishes Him If The Team Plays Bad


My wife is my number one coach and critic. In my playing days, if I don’t play well anytime she was in the stadium, even if we won the match, I would convince her on what happened before she would give me food to eat.

So, to avoid her query, I played good football anytime she was in the stadium. She had a particular place she sits at the stadium and once I saw her, I would force myself to fine-tune my game. If I fail to play up to her expectation, I would not sleep that night because she would nag all the way for at least two days. So, my wife is the pillar to all I have achieved in life.

She has managed me very well and will continue to manage me. Even in my coaching career, she goes with me to any major tournament. She harassed me when Mali played against Angola during the 2010 Nations Cup and asked me what the heck we played. She knows little about the game and she has done well for the family too.
I got married before playing in Europe. I met my wife when I was with the New Nigerian Bank FC. Then she was 19 going to 20, while I was 20 going to 21 years. I was the captain of the team then and having her by my side has remained a blessing all along.

Keshi’s greatest Nigerian footballer

Thompson Usaiya is my greatest Nigerian player, but I won’t fail to mention the late Mudasiru Lawal and of course, ‘The Chairman’ Christian Chukwu, who we don’t really appreciate. Chukwu is like German Kaiser or Beckenbauer, the words of those legends are respected, but who is Chukwu in Nigeria? It’s a pity we don’t respect our own.
There are other great players in Nigeria like Adokie Amasiemaka, who would have destroyed Europe if he had played professional football abroad.


  1. but i pray that theseb our victory we charge all our thinking for good expecially unrecognized pastors at home. Is very bad for our sports back home.. Pple in authority no nothing next to football administering. Credit should reserve to big boss steve keshi for d love of his father land, not all human beings will endure what he seeing in that job over the treatment melted by nigerian football federation, but he kept aside it believing only on his players and the task ahead at d head who laugh last the entire nigerians nation where ever they are.may the joy alone moved and change many thing at our various home may the NFF know that our indigenious coaches is also capable as foreign counterpart steve proof it all, lack of impatience is a heavy sickness.