Last Name Drama: Kanye Sad Over Kim K’s Refusal To Change Her Last Name.


If there’s one thing that Kanye West should have known before buying an $11 million mansion with Kim K, is that Kim is never letting go of her world-famous last name.

The marriage-tradition-observing Kanye seems to be very upset with his heartthrob Kim not wanting to change her last name for him. A source told Star Magazine:

“Kanye is very disappointed and upset about the whole thing but Kim refuses to budge.”

Didn’t Kanye know that Kim is a really adamant person, she always gets what she wants? Just like how she went on to marry Kriss against the opinion of her family.

Apart from that, it is also being said that she thinks their soon-to-be-born baby should bear her last name since it’s become so famous on its own. As much as Kanye might let Kim stay a Kardashian, we don’t think he’ll allow that for his baby- that’s like robbing him off his fatherly pride.

Kim obviously doesn’t want her show to be ‘Keeping Up With The Wests.’ Hehe.