Lil Wayne Lied! He’s Not Banned From League Events – NBA


Following Lil Wayne’s claim he had been banned from all NBA events, the league’s spokesperson has said there is no iota of truth in Weezy’s claim.

According to NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard, there is “no truth at all” to the claims Weezy made during a performance in Houston over the weekend.

Lil Wayne had told the crowd the NBA had banned him from all events because of his beef with the Miami Heat organization, stemming from an incident last week … when Wayne says he was kicked out of a Heat game for rooting for the Lakers. The Heat organization however said Wayne left voluntarily, he was not kicked out.

During the rant, Wayne also said he slept with Adrienne, Miami Heat player Chris Bosh’s wife. The Bosh family and the Miami Heat have yet to comment on that situation.

Chris and Adrienne Bosh
Chris and Adrienne Bosh

According to, Weezy had a fling with Adrienne Bosh before she started going with her current husband, and the relationship ended on a bad note for Weezy; she conned him.

Adrienne told Lil Wayne she had cancer and needed help paying for her treatment, only to take his money and run, and that was how the romance ended.

Weezy told a few folks about it, and it became gossip in celeb circles. Rapper Gillie Da Kid even used the story in his rap ‘Fronting Like Ya Daddy’.

A lyric from the song; “What about the time in New York when the shorty told you she had cancer. Had you in the room all teary-eyed and then you give her a check for 10 thousand”.

Whatever Weezy says about Adrienne now, I guess it’s her ‘con past’ coming to haunt her.


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