LL Cool J To Knock Everyone At Grammys Out, Reports Mama

Hip-hop legend and all-around entertainer LL Cool J is reportedly going to knock everyone out as the host of the Grammys, this according to his mama.


Despite this being his second consecutive year as host, the 55th annual Grammy Awards, which are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Sunday, are not considered a comeback for Cool J, or at least he is advising those in attendance to not refer to it as such.

“He has been here for years,” said a sucka, allegedly put in fear after learning of Cool J’s ability to make the bass go boom, his tears resembling a monsoon.

Assuming the Cool J’s mama, who declined to be identified by name, is a trustworthy source, the legendary rapper may indeed knock his audience out, especially any potential competition over which he is towering. However, cops are preparing for a long Sunday night in the event that Cool J decides to drop lyrics, which they said could wreck shops. “We dared to stare,” said Police Chief Ron Inglund.

“Next time, we will know not to compare.” Cool J believes the event will be a success, unless he is forced to pull his jammy out. “I like him now,” said one of many rocked peers throughout this itty, bitty world taken by storm. “He’s just getting warm.”