Mom Hacked School’s Computer To Change Her Kid’s Grades, Gets Arrested

mom hack

Catherine Venusto, a 45-year-old mother of two, was unhappy with her daughter’s grades.

Instead of letting her daughter suffer the consequences for doing poorly, she decided to change her daughter’s failing grades, by hacking into the school’s system.

As for her son, he was doing great in school as he got a 98% on his exam, but she wasn’t happy with the grade, so she changed it to a 99%.

According to investigators, she had done this 100s of times before she was caught.

Venusto, is a former secretary of the school, therefore she knew the superintendent’s password which she used from her home computer to log into the school’s system and change the grades.

State police say, Venusto admitted changing the grades, saying she thought her actions were unethical but legal.