Most African Countries Are Enemies Of Nigeria – Mark

David-Mark“We don’t have many friends in Africa.” That formed part of the words by Senate President David Mark while narrating his experience in South Africa during the Nations Cup final between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Speaking at plenary yesterday during a debate on a motion by Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and 107 others, on Nigeria’s Outing at the AFCON 2013, Mark noted that very few people from other African countries wanted Nigeria to win the trophy.

“From my interaction with people from other African countries who went to watch the match, I observed that we don’t have many friends in Africa. Only very few people, including those I interacted with in the State bus, supported us. They believed that Nigeria is great already, and they wanted Burkina Faso to win. I think this implies that as a nation, we should learn to be self-reliant”, Mark said.

It would be recalled that Mark led a Federal Government delegation to South Africa to spur the Super Eagles to victory following President Goodluck Jonathan’s inability to cheer the team in person as earlier promised.


  1. On David Mark’s “most African countries are enemies of Nigeria”I want to say that self-reliance as prescribed by the senate president is not the answer. Every country on this planet needs the support,love,care,aid and alliance of other countries to ensure peaceful co-existence. We cannot go it alone. The problem is all the numerous negatrive odds that are characteristic of Nigeria. If the Senator wills it, Nigeria can be turned around by his leadership actions especially as he is in charge of the apex regulatory organ of government.

  2. Nigeria’s most terrible haters are the senate members, PDP and the poor leadership we have. If the leadership of Nigeria change there mind set and stand against all the negatives in the country and struggle to move the country forward example electricity, road & job e.t.c. every other country will want to become friend with Nigeria.

    • Brother, What you just said is true and final. the Nigeria most terrible enemy is all this yeye politician that was there claiming to help the masses why they are secretly enriching their family and living the masses on a stranded place.

  3. True talk but my question is:”Mmadu ona akpo onye k’aya ugwu?”Mmdu ona akpo onye k’aya asi? Jealousy and envy is part of the hatred, and sometimes the crooked nature of a few that bring bad name to Nigeria is another. In the end I am a proud Nigerian! Well off Igbos should come home and invest, in Igboland. I am even afraid to build or buy properties in Port-Harcourt cause “ABANDONED PROPERTIES.” is for rea,l and covetousness which is one of the ten commandments of God is very alive against the Igbos. You would think that after the BritainNigeria war against Biafra that the Igbos would have learned a thing or two. But noooooo! They are still taking pictures with their fancy cars. A fool is that who never learnt anything from past mistakes!

  4. How do we expect Love: Imagine the wrong informations on our public media.
    Examples are the topic discussions on our radio stations
    1:Is it right for the ladies to make-up before going to bed?
    Time of radio program:11am Nigerian this time people are supose to be at work,this would have been late evening radio program.

    2: What should be the most expensive stuff on men´s ward rob? time of program:12pm
    Faithful listeners called answer and say wrist watch of about N60,000.The program host replied and said “that’s cheap” another caller came in and said necklace of of 600,000N,Yet the radio host said that’s cheap.
    Now this a country where people are living under the bridges.The irony of this ,is that there are professionals people that can actually do these jobs better,but they left at home,
    What a society!

    Another program just yesterday was “who is most useless now in Nigeria between Guys and ladies?…The programs on our Radio stations. youths are listening, exactly why everyone is so desperate to meet up…wrong information has turned Nigeria into something else.but thank God for the internet! to be continued.