My Baby Dad Left Me On Valentine’s Day – Popular Ghanaian Radio Presenter


The affable and popular female presenter, Caroline Sampson of YFM, has revealed that the father of her child walked out of her life way before their baby was born and the breakup happened on Valentine’s Day.

Caroline, also a model and rapper, said she was on air presenting a radio programme when the said incident happened and that Sammy Forson (Sarkodie’s manager) partly contributed to the breakup.

Interestingly, Caroline has not disclosed the identity of her baby daddy, although the child is doing marvelously well.

According to Caroline, she was heart-broken by the incident and things got worse when she realized she was pregnant for him three months after he walked out of her life.

Her lover could not call her to break the sad news to her himself. He rather sent a message through a friend to tell her that it was all over.

That night, she wept and couldn’t talk on her radio show when she got the message. For her, since then, Val’s Day brought back only sad memories.

“I still don’t get it but that’s what he did…I cried. It is like the only thing that comes to me when I think about it; like Valentine’s Day paaa. We were out the previous night.

We were not together but we ended up at the same place. If he was hiding and I caught him then I don’t know, then the next day he sent somebody to tell me that it’s over ooo.”

“What is funny about this is that Sammy Forson (YFM presenter) is in there somewhere. Sammy Forson, Benny Blanco, Peer Pressure and Reggie Rockstone ….It was Sammy Forson, he caused it from day one.

He gave me this voice-over job and I was recording it at the station (Citi FM) that I worked.

He was going to come for it and I waited and waited for him. Like 11 to midnight this guy (Sammy) wasn’t coming.

So the guy (baby daddy) called and asked me where I was and I told him I was at the station waiting for Sammy Forson and he thought I was lying.

That was what happened; it was a week to Valentine. So the whole week, I didn’t hear from him because I was at the station working for Sammy Forson.

And then when I met him at Reggie Rockstone’s Office, the club, Benny Blanco them {sic} saw me and were giving me fans.

So I’m sure the guy thought that we were doing it to spite him and then the next day which is Valentine, he called his friend to call me aaah…it was like a joke.

And then three months later I realized…” she tried to explain what really happenned.

Caroline was speaking on Jeremie Van-Garshong’s hot show on YFM on Monday evening when she made the revelation.

Jeremie asked her and some other presenters in the studio to narrate their heart-breaking experiences in the past and she decided to spill the beans.

She had made a similar revelation on Delay’s show sometime last year. The current revelation makes it the second time she is talking about the situation in public.

Meanwhile, she didn’t disclose whether they guy had comeback to take his responsibilities as the baby’s dad.

Her baby made news in the media when he was born. He was in Leila Djansi’s movie, ‘Ties That Bind’.


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