Nadia Buari Flaunts Her Body In Hot Bikini Photos

The popular Ghanian actress has released these hot Bikini photos

What do you think of these photos?


  1. Seriosly people reas d caption this is just a bikini photo for christ sakes. There’s nothg wrong with this pics beside she’s not begging u to look @ them. Nadia u really prety

  2. Charity begins at home. Whatever name u call urself is what people will call u. U’re a model to many africa ladies and teens. Well, u need to guard ur Reputation. U’re an africa woman not a european, no africa culture respects a woman who exposes herself for anything. Adjust!

  3. I think people are just being unreasonable; you see a girl in a bikini and you say she is exposing her body,God created us naked so why being over milodramatic seeing a girl half naked on beach. Please we should be wise and stop crucifing people

  4. People should grow up, some women that covers up their faces are worst inside than the celebrities yet they will go online condemning people. Haven’t you people go to swimming pool or beach for relaxation? Leave the girl alone and mind your businesses.

    • @ Hydee u no serious for dat ur statement, wat did u mean saying “some women that covers up their faces are worst inside” is even a sin on u

  5. i don’t see anything bad about this pic.. It’s a bikini.. Beach wear.. I think this pic is sexy,beautiful, not lewd and decent enough

  6. cwiously,u guys shld leave her alone o…its a beach wear, u dnt xpect her 2 swim fully clothed, do u?….diz pics z jux xoxoxo making sense…thumbs up nadia

  7. Hypocrites… come out here lashing out comments about a bikini shot. Is she supposed to wear a Trouser and Tshirt. Who makes you a judge, all you myopic faggots… ranting about nothing. Speaking of Morals when you have None. Enough said…

  8. Timaya u r being unreasonable y dnt u stay unclad den wen u knw God created us naked,last tym I checked ur nakedness z ur dignity…

  9. From all this comment i can only confirm one thing, “we Nigerians we clam to know God more than we do” too much playing religion in everything main while u all are just a LEANNER. One thing i notice 4rm this pic is that those ppl are too too proud of there national symbol, did u see that, OMg that lovely, i wonder wen nija will love there con3, n not always attaching sentimentality to everything. One day we will wake up and sombdy will say we are not suppose to wake up the way we did as if he/she was there. God bless nija.

  10. I bet most of d critics of dis pics holier dan thous are fat, slobbish, and shapeless amoebas..dat av bin tryin to loose weight. Or maybe deve neva bin to d beach. Bad belle people


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