Nearly Half Saudi Women Are Beaten At Home


Nearly half Saudi women are beaten up by their husbands or other family members at home and many of them are hit by sticks and head cover, according to a university study published in local newspapers on Tuesday.
Surprisingly, the study found that the Bedouin men who still dwell the desert in the conservative Gulf Kingdom, are less violent than Saudi men in urban areas.

The study was conducted by Dr Lateefa Abdul Lateef, a social science professor at King Saud University in the Capital Riyadh. It involved female students at the university and some Saudi women covered by the government’s social security.

The study showed that nearly half those covered by social security and more than a third of the female students at the university are beaten up at home,” Dr Lateefa said.

“Husbands were found to be beating their wives more than others. They are followed by fathers, then brothers then sons…Hands and sticks were found to be used mostly in beating women, following by men’s head cover and to a lesser extent, sharp objects.”

The study showed that husbands beating their wives included both educated and non-educated men and that “those dwelling in the desert are less violent with their wives than those living in cities or villages.”

The study found that the main reasons for violence against women include poor religious motives, drug addiction and alcoholism, arrogance and a tendency to control, psychological problems, poverty, and unemployment.



  1. At times it is very difficult to discern the truth of newspapers reports because they are not objective in their reporting. How do you expect saudis to beat their wives in a country operating a strict Islamic law. The veracity of this report cannot be ascertained and proved beyond any reasonable doubt. Be objective in your reporting.

  2. where are the research results of all the good good things Saudi men are doing for their women? I know you media houses will not be intrested, but if it has to do with obnoxious news, you will be the 1st to broadcast it.

  3. Outside dis ppo pretend to b very holy but they re real hypocrites. In Nigeria, dey dont beat their wives but they divoice dem at d slightess provocation and they also marry under age girls. Na wa 4 islam ooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Atleast they better for not killing their wives compare to what is happening in d southern part of Nigeria where if a wife die ppl sympathies with d husband but if a husband die,d wife is termed as a witch and subjected to all sorts of punishment

  4. I disagree of such, how can a scholastic Saudi person of fathom or cognitive and morally sound in islamic teachings will beat his wife? Even if there’s, but not half of the Saudi populace beating their wives. Please be disseminating a meaningful information unlike this one. By Ja’afar A.K.A “global-mirror”

  5. Hw can we blf u dt muslim women in such an environment r been battered for their arrogance, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. I know u’ll still make such a report if u heard a rumour saying pastor E. Adeboye naked his wife in d church too. If u don’t av any valid report, u’d better keep mute.