Nigeria Will Boil If You Kill Our Holiness – Rev. King’s Church Members


Members of Chukwuemeka Ezeugo’s church, have warned Nigerians to be prepared for dire consequences, if their General Overseer, popularly known as Reverend King, is indeed killed by hanging.

This warning emanated from the last Sunday service held at the church, Christian Praying Assembly (CPA), located at Ajao Estate, Lagos. “It will be absolute tragedy in this country if they touch our Holiness, they are just ignorant of this,” the goatee-spotting acting general overseer, Reverend Elijah King, threatened on the pulpit.

DailyPost observed during the course of the Sunday service, held on February 3 at the church premises, the acting general overseer also read a weekly message purportedly sent from prison by the incarcerated Reverend King, in which the beleaguered clergy urged his followers not to be deterred by their recent setback. “You must continue in the faith which I have taught you,” a line from the prison notes read.

Despite his incarceration, the affairs and activities of the church still run smoothly. Investigations during recent visits revealed that preparation is in top gear for King’s birthday celebration this year and members are being urged to pay certain amount of money for the undertaking. An insider disclosed that apart from money donated by the church members, generous donations come in every week from some rich and influential people in the society, who are secret followers of the embattled man of God.

Last year, his birthday was marked with roaring publicity, as members of his church bought several advert spaces in one of the prominent daily newspapers in Nigeria, where they showered praises on him, even to the point of comparing him to Jesus Christ.

Aside the contribution for his forthcoming birthday, other financial obligations that church members must fulfill, include a weekly toll which will be for “His Holiness’ welfare,”. This is often sent as a lump sum to the imprisoned church founder for his upkeep in jail.

On this Sunday, the presiding reverend frowned at what he called insult offerings to the Holiness. “We see N100 notes in the envelopes of the Holiness Welfare, if I catch that person…” he threatened.

This further confirmed the report that the on-death row King lives like a king inside the prison, courtesy of the resources squeezed from his loyal church members.

DailyPost investigation revealed that in spite of Reverend King’s six-year absence, nothing has really changed in the operation of his church. A first-hand experience by SE showed that high-handedness still persists in the church. For instance, latecomers to Sunday service on February 3, were still subjected to kneeling outside by macho-looking ushers.

The controversies notwithstanding, the Anambra State-born reverend still commands absolute loyalty from his followers.

A member asserted: “I have no problem with the church, this is my second year in this church and everything has been going on well.” Another also affirmed: “Brother you were in the church service, you can see how we cherish and respect him, he is Christ to us. We don’t care what other people say.”

Reverend King was convicted by Justice Joseph Oyewole of Lagos High Court and sentenced to death by hanging on January 11, 2007, for the alleged murder of a church member, Ann Uzoh. He allegedly poured petrol on the deceased for what he called “acts of fornication,” and set her ablaze, alongside others. The victim eventually died as a result of injuries sustained from the burns. Arraigned on September 26, 2006 on a six-count charge of attempted murder and murder, to which he pleaded not guilty, King was found guilty by the trial judge.



  2. Looks like we don’t have laws in this country or maybe the laws are not being enforced properly. Somebody makes a statement like this and walks away. Another person wages a war against the country and walks away with amnesty and millions of naira. When would this end. Let laws be enforced in this country so that people will respect us.

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