Northern Senators to Protest Perceived Marginalization against Northerners in Army Postings

Members of the Northern Senators Forum have met to discourse perceived marginalisation of the North in the army; this is as a result of a recent uproar over alleged lopsided postings in the Nigerian Army.

Sources have revealed that leaders of the forum circulated a paper, which contained a table of alleged postings in the military in recent times. A source said the document was compiled to show the perceived favour to the Igbo tribe in the postings and the alleged breach of the Federal Character principle.

It was also gathered that the forum had resolved to launch official protests in relation to the perceived lopsidedness in the postings. According to sources, the document being circulated among the northern senators portrayed ethnic imbalance and further indicated that Igbos in the army were being made to occupy choice postings and commanding positions.

“We have resolved to launch protests against this imbalance and ensure that the right thing is done,” a source said, adding that in a federation, every arm of government and agency must be ready to play by the rules. But a group, Information for Democracy and Development (IDD), led by its national coordinatior, Mr Joshua Yahaya, said allegations being bandied against the person of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Azubuike Ihejirika, was needless distraction aimed at plunging the military into the realm of politics.


  1. Northerners wants politiks in everytin even in d military. They forget too soon hw d northen military killed over 200 army oficers mostly midlebelt during gideon awka failed coup under ibb reign nd nobody protestd nw they want juicy ofices to themselves forgetin dat they did more evil for 36years they ruled d nation wit born to rule mentality

  2. Let’s put behind the things that devide us and work on those that unite us. Politicising any Issue will not help Nation building. May be the Senators can explain the below for the Nation.

    The NORTH should not be blaming President Jonathan for Whatever they reason.

    All the important Positions in Nigeria are Occupied by Northerners. Yet they are not happy and millions of its people are suffering.
    What Do they Want. –
    **Vice President – North
    **Senate President – North
    **Speaker House of Reps – North
    **PDP National Chairman – North
    **PDP acting BOT chairman – North
    **Head of Service – North
    **INEC Chairman – North
    **Inspector General of Police – North
    **CBN Governor – North
    **Chief Justice of federation – North
    **President Court of Appeal – North
    **President Federal high court – North
    **National Security Adviser – North
    **Chief of Defense Staff – North
    **Controller, Customs Service – North
    **Controller Prison Services – North
    **Richest man in Africa – North.
    **85% of Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria – Northerners
    **80% of Oil Block Owners in Nigeria are – Northerners

    Yet, the Poorest states in Nigeria and Educationally backward areas in Nigeria are in the North.
    Now ask yourself, who is the problem of the North? GEJ or the Northern elites (past leaders)??? …. PLS KEEP THE B.C ROLLING UNTIL IT GETS TO THEM!!!

    • Babura. Please can you list the military posting that favor the Ibo for me? The five GOCs we have today three are Hausa fulani and muslims for that mater. NSA, IGP, VC. President, Senate, defence miniter, Custom, speaker, central bank, chief Justice, etc. There are many others. When Danbazou was Chief of Army Staff in nine month, do you know what he did? go and find out. He made sure that many senior military officers Christians from the north were retired or denial them promotion, going to War College and military posting to diplomatic services. Why it is that north is always a problem for this country call Nigeria. We from the middle-belt or minority are tire of be part of this useless people from the north. When they are talking of north it is Islam they talking about.

  3. To say that 85 percent of independent petroleum marketers are northerners is far from the truth. Go to the website of pppra and dpr to update yourself. Likewise I am sure your figure on oil blocks own by northerners is your own imaginations.

  4. The northern senators should go to places. the controller general of customs have been there since the time of obasanjo no body has ever talk of maginalization if they like let the igbo take over the army as there personal heritage is not the business of the northerners let them do there thing there way.

  5. look, military issues are very sensitive as far as every region of this nation is concern, the federal character must be maintained in every sector of this country. @ihejieta, u listed all d positions d north occupied and yet the poorest ha? then are waitin 4 u 2 gv us d statistics of d level of poverty in d east & ur pol. appntmnts as well. no part of dis country was immuned from poverty, and u must b a plonker to claim dat d east has a sustainable eco. growth. tnk wise pls.

  6. Such protest will bring nothing at the end of the day. There’s no doubt that this is aimed at calling for Ihejirika’s head, that’s the last thing that will happen in this Jonathan’s regime.
    What are the southern senators waiting to protest the lopsidedness in the Nigerian Custom, they should join in the protest to make it balance.