[Opinion] Patient Dogs No Longer Eat The Fattest Bone!

“Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left over from those who hustle”- Thomas Edison.
There are no such axioms as patience being the cornerstone of success in the lexicon of people who make a difference in this life. Patient dogs stopped eating the fattest bone long ago and not now where human population has risen lately to a tumult. People who are patient only and do nothing in return are left at the base of the food chain. In extreme conditions, they are used as prey to those who continue to hustle at the top. If the so-called patient folks ever succeed, they are fed with what is left over by those who hustle as Thomas Edison once said.

In today’s world where capitalism has taken over the means of production as against communism, in a world filled with people who are struggling to makes ends meet amidst scarce means, in a world where unemployment rate has risen to its all time high, it is at best an illusion and seeking for a flat in a fool’s paradise to believe that all will be fine once patience is exercised. For me, it is madness.

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are”. Tomorrow may not be any better so do not put off until tomorrow that which you can do today. The success ‘mansion’ has no need of indolent tenants who do not want to go out at the first cock crow in order to better their lives and the world. Patience for me leads to laziness and waters the ground for the seed of procrastination to germinate.

Go out today and join the people out there who have defied all patience and are out in the field seeking for the least of opportunity to convert into success. Luck doesn’t come to those who fail to work. Remember they say, “Luck is when opportunity meets hard work” and Tim krock resounded same when he said “luck is the dividend of sweat”.
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