“Our New Bodies Are a Curse” – Girls Whose Mother Spent £20,000 For Them to Look Like J-Lo

She already had the name of her idol. And before she was 16, Jennifer Lopez had the figure to match – thanks to plastic surgery paid for by her mother. And, as in any family, what she had, her younger sister Karen wanted too. Karen and Jennifer’s mother Lesley has now spent almost £20,000 on cosmetic surgery for her daughters.

The result? Both now wish they hadn’t gone under the knife when they were so young – because their artificially enhanced bottoms and breasts attract too much attention.


Karen, 20, says, “My bum is so big now it’s kind of a curse because guys in clubs always want to have a feel of it. Even girls want a photo next to it. My body attracts everyone – I get too much attention and it annoys me.” Her sister, Jennifer, 23, who has a young son, added: “Sometimes it’s too much. Men beep their horns and whistle at me, even come up and touch my bum. I also get a lot of attention from women. They ask me if my bum is real and if they can touch it. It can be uncomfortable.”

Jennifer was the first to have surgery – a £4,000 breast enlargement operation to increase her cup size from A to C when she was just 15. She later had a second, £6,000 operation, which involved having liposuction on her stomach. The fat was then pumped into her bottom. Jennifer, a size 12, said: “I envied curvy women like US pop star J-Lo. When I asked for the surgery, mum said ‘no’ at first and that I should wait until I was 18, when my curves might develop. But I wanted the results straight away. I kept on asking every day, saying how unhappy I was until, a year later, she agreed.”

"Our New Bodies Are a Curse" - Girls Whose Mother Spent £20,000 For Them to Look Like J-Lo

Sisters and their Mom before the operations…

Karen, a size eight, started even younger. She had a £2,000 nose job at 14 and a breast enhancement, which also cost £2,000, a year later. She eventually persuaded her 43-year-old mother to use her savings and money earned through a cleaning job to pay for a £3,500 liposuction and bottom enlargement operation like Jennifer’s. The sisters had most of their surgery in Colombia, where their parents migrated from shortly before Karen was born. They now live in Camberwell, South London.

In the UK, the legal age of consent for cosmetic surgery is 16, but most reputable surgeons won’t operate until 18. Jennifer, who has had further liposuction on her stomach and a second £2,000 breast enlargement after discovering she had faulty PIP implants, said: “After my surgery I had the body of a woman, but in reality I was still only a child.

"Our New Bodies Are a Curse" - Girls Whose Mother Spent £20,000 For Them to Look Like J-Lo

And after the surgeries

“There are so many perfect images of celebrities, it’s hard not to feel the pressure. We did. But if you have the money and it makes you happy, why not do it? Life’s too short to feel unhappy.”


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