Pastor Chris Okotie bans journalist from church for allegedly exposing his new relationship


The publisher of E24/7 Magazine, Biodun Kupoluyi, has alleged that the Senior Pastor of Household of God, Chris Okotie, has banned him from attending his church, after he did a story about his relationship with a certain undergraduate named Miss Naomi Hoffman.

Kupoluyi, who before now was a not-too-regular member of the Lagos-base ministry, in an interview with Encomium Magazine, told his side of the story.
I received the news from a man claiming he’s representing the church that he has been directed by the pastor of the church and members of Household of God church that I should not come and worship with them. His reason, he said, was premised on E24-7 magazine’s expose – pastor Chris finds new love, says I will not get married again, but may opt for surrogacy soon. I found it shocking that a day after the publication hit the streets, his media department sent a release out and it confirmed our story. He actually made those statements and we reported it. I think he did not think anybody could have known about his romance with the girl, Naomi. He was caught off guard..but as a journalist, I owe our teeming readers that responsibility. I feel fulfilled, though I will miss his theatrics, his stage performances and verbosity.

My perception of the church and my respect for the man has changed. He is not a serious preacher of the gospel. The job of a good shepherd is to seek a lost sheep, not to ban a sheep or send away a sheep from the fold. It is only in our environment that these kind of things happen. Because I worship in a church, I can’t write the story of the pastor even if the pastor is doing what is wrong? But the pastor and the church will hail me if I praise him or do a PR story for them.

Despite the ban, if journalistic duties calls I will go there. In fact we were there the following week after I was barred. It was the week he claimed Christians can do tattoos and plastic surgery. We went with a whole crew, looking forward to a show down. I’m a free citizen. I can not be cowed. And I stand by my story on Naomi. That is not disputable!


  1. What concern d Journalist? He is a busy body. Leave Pst Chris alone. Everyone has his own challenges in life. You also have yours. That is his own cross to carry. Go and carry your own cross. Useless Journalist.

    • Dan, you’re not Dan but doom… In fact you and so called pastor Christ are birds of the same feathers, repent or you die. Jesus said that by their fruit you will know them, for decades now I knew pastor Christ as a fake pastor despite his performing of signs & wonders. Truth is bitter but if I must confess, it is you who is being useless and very stupid not the faithful journalist. Amend your evil ways and live. Idiot Doom(Dan)

  2. He is a pastor, but he is also a man and he is not different from every other man. If pastor chris okotie is having a serious affair that will eventually lead to marriage, its a good thing. At least his not sleeping around with every woman that crosses his part like most married men do and the journalist himself is not free from that.

  3. Mr. Journalist. What i hv perceived about u is dat , u attend service in Rev. Okotie’s church, not out of love for God, but love for ur job. Ur heart disposition for being in dat church is wrong…check d condition of ur heart & God shall be pleased with u(Mat. 6:21).

  4. I’m suprised how some perverted minds are coming in on here in defence of this so called pastor! In as much as I realise I’m a nobody to speak for God, yet nobody can make a mockery of God so if you think you are using the name of God to suit your goal and deceive others, then beware of the commandment that said ” thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain”. Only some years back this man came out to tell us God revealed to him that he shud leave his pastoral duties and contest for the presidency and he lost woefully twice so is he now saying God is a liar? Be careful sir!, today he is angry that he has been exposed forgettin that only some months back he said God revealed to him not to marry again or have anythin to do wit any woman so he can concenterate on the word but today he’s doing the opposite. I’m not judging you but beware! God cannot be mocked. Stop using the name of God to achieve your sinister goals.

  5. “Mark those who cause division among you…” Romans 16:17. Mr journalist ur reportage is capable of causing bad blood & division in pst Chris’s church, it’s therefore biblical to keep ur type out of d church. 2 Samuel 1:20 says “Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets..”. The media is jst interested in picking faults & publishing it 4 their profit, dats all. You’re neither being fair 2 d man nor his congregation. Why not give equal attention to his good deeds in d church & society? what abt those lives he has touched positively? What abt dat? Try giving that some level of prominence huh! It won’t sell right? Cos pple are jst too interest in d negatives of pples lives. What a shame!

  6. @ all the speakers. Any time the evils in your religion is brought to limelite you call such perpetrators fake pastors. Tell me who is the real pastor! Jesus said ” i was not sent but onto the lost sheep of house of israel. Are you israelites? Lets call a spade a spade. Christianity devors the hard earned money of the poor miracle seekers. Thieves

  7. Nowadays,d tins i hear sm pastrs do,say jst baffles me.its lik christianity hs taken a twist nd only wat coms 2 mnd 4 me is d fct d@ d end is gettin closa by d minut.coz d bible say;in d lst days,men shal b luvas of demselves nd d tins of d world.if pastrs d@ ar suposed 2 lead d children of God in d rite way,do stufs we hear dem do,it jst show d end is near.#GOD SAVE our SOULS