PDP does not need merger, they already merged with the Police, INEC, Judiciary, NNPC, etc. – Buhari

buhari89Former Military Head of State and National Leader of the Congress for Progressive Change, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has said Nigeria is in the grip of bad government. According to him, the Peoples Democratic Party wants to retain power by hook or crook.

Speaking in Abuja on Monday at an interactive session with the party’s elected representatives, Buhari said that the events of the last 13 years had shown that the PDP did not possess the capacity to lead the country. He said while other political parties were merging and planning alliance, the PDP was busy aligning with the Independent National Electoral Commission, security agencies and the judiciary in order to remain in power.

His words: “A brief glance at the political history of Nigeria confirms that to hold power at the centre, you need a broad coalition, alliance, merger or whatever you may like to call it… Today’s situation is no different. The country is in the grip of a bad government whose only purpose is to retain power by hook or by crook – preferably by crook.

“PDP does not need merger or alliance – they are already merged and are in alliance with the Police, INEC, and the Judiciary with the NNPC and pension funds…The country is tired of PDP; we are tired of oppression; we are tired of corruption; we are tired of insecurity and we are tired, full stop!”



  1. If we, Nigerians, fail to put a stoppage to the PDP leadership in Nigeria come 2015, it means hopelessness is our hope in the country, and that our curse of course is the cause.


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